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Apparel and accessories

What are the current and future drivers of consumer demand for apparel and accessories clients?​

Map white space opportunities

Map category or geographic opportunities across menswear, womanswear, childrenswear, sportswear and clothing accessories to prioritise where to focus your business efforts.

Identify megatrends and their impact on apparel sales, from increasing wealth to perceptions of value to consumer behaviour.

Analyse opportunities across mass and premium, identify key consumer targets and uncover fashion innovations.

Take advantage of emerging trends 

Assess and react quickly to emerging trends such as own-branded stores, new methods of payment and wearable technologies.

Explore clothing and grooming preferences, increasing affluence, retail infrastructure and business operating environments to discover indicators pointing to market share growth.

solutions for apparel and accessories

Euromonitor International's Passport database helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities with insights on industries, companies, economies and consumers worldwide. 

Size the market, analyse distribution channels, compare brand and company shares, identify emerging trends to understand demand drivers and assess the competitive landscape.

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