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Country Profile

Australia: Country Profile

The economy will grow at roughly the same pace in 2015 as in 2014. Non-mining sectors are seeing a recovery but this is partially offset by weaknesses in mining. A steep fall in commodity prices depresses profits, investment and wages. A slowdown in ...

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Future Demographic

Australia in 2030: The Future Demographic

In 2030, the population of Australia will reach 30.1 million, an increase of 25.9% from 2015. Falling birth rates mean that the proportion of younger age groups in the population will continue to shrink in 2015-2030, while the share of older groups ...

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Country Briefing

Business Environment: Australia

Australia features in the top rankings of all major indices, pointing to an attractive business environment. Both solid educational spending and higher education attainment create a competent workforce, but a comparatively rigid labour market ...

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Country Briefing

Risks and Vulnerabilities: Australia

Australia’s sustained economic growth; stable and open business environment; and huge natural resources make it a highly attractive destination for foreign investors. However, in the short and medium term, the economy faces several risks arising from...

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Country Briefing

Income and Expenditure: Australia

The world’s third highest household disposable income, combined with a stable economy, makes Australia attractive to marketers. Population ageing is generating opportunities targeting both wealthy and low-income seniors. While non-discretionary ...

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Strategy Briefing

Cultural Diversity and its Impact on Global Consumer Markets

Strong migration flows, combined with higher birth rates among minority populations, have led to an unprecedented level of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in developed markets. This, along with ethnic minority consumers’ rising incomes, is ...

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Country Briefing

Technology, Communications and Media: Australia

Robust investment in advanced technologies and high digital penetration define the sophisticated Australian telecom market. The country is a global leader in mobile Internet penetration and e-government development with high levels of technology ...

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Strategy Briefing

The Sugar Backlash and its Effects on Global Consumer Markets

Added sugars – in particular fructose - in processed food and drinks play a key part in the growing problems of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. Consumer demand is forcing manufacturers to reduce sugar content and develop natural alternatives to ...

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City Review

Sydney City Review

Sydney is the most populous metropolitan region in Australia with 4.5 million residents in 2012. The growth of the city's multicultural population (roughly 40% of Sydney residents are born overseas) is forecast to be further fuelled by new immigrants...

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Consumer Lifestyle

Consumer Lifestyles in Australia

While Australian consumers were generally less affected by the economic downturn, they are nevertheless cautious about spending and are saving more of their earnings. In particular, many older consumers are becoming concerned about funding their ...

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