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Pet Products in Australia

The pet humanisation trend continued to drive growth within pet products during 2013. Consumers want to give their pets the best quality of life possible and an increasing number of pet food products on the market target specific health issues, with ...

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Country Report

Cat Food in Australia

The humanisation trend remained important within cat food during 2013. Cat owners increasingly demanded value-added products, with an emphasis on health and wellness and all-natural products. These pet owners are aware of what ingredients to avoid ...

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Country Report

Dog Food in Australia

Premiumisation and humanisation continued to characterise dog food in Australia during 2013. Dog food manufacturers looked to transfer the benefits found in human food, encouraging pet owners to buy premium dog food with more innovative ingredients. ...

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Country Report

Other Pet Food in Australia

Other pet food current value sales increased by 5% in 2013, above the 1% review period current value CAGR, and retail volume sales grew by 3% in 2013. The trend towards price polarisation within other pet food has continued. Private label and economy...

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Country Report

Pet Care in Australia

Pet care value sales increased while volume sales decreased slightly in 2013. However, value growth remained below the review period average. Australia’s pet population registered a slight increase in 2013 – a development which highlighted how ...

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Country Report

Beer in Australia

Australian consumers continue to drink less beer overall, with total volume sales dropping by 4% in 2013. Although the trend towards premiumisation has ensured that some beer types flourished, others continued to struggle. Performances of note were ...

Jun 2014 | US$990 | Pages: 42 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cider/Perry in Australia

Growth within cider/perry began to slow in 2013, but still remained at a robust 18% in terms of total volume. This is indicative of a category that is still growing at a rapid rate but is beginning to approach a stage of increased maturity. This ...

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Country Report

Alcoholic Drinks in Australia

The consumption of alcoholic drinks continued to head in a negative trajectory in terms of total volume sales consumed. This is symptomatic of society becoming more health-conscious and an overall push towards more premium and expensive products. ...

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Country Report

Rtds/High-Strength Premixes in Australia

RTDs/high-strength premixes continued to experience a decline in 2013, with overall volume sales dropping by 2% across Australia. This was consistent with the drop in 2012, but still less of a drop recorded in the previous three years. There are a ...

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Country Report

Spirits in Australia

Consumers are becoming more educated and expectant when it comes to vodka, with demand for premium and super premium vodkas responsible for the 9% total value growth over 2013. Professional and ambitious 25-35 year old drinkers are the key ...

Jun 2014 | US$990 | Pages: 52 | Add to cart | View details

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