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Cigarettes in Bolivia

Regulation approved during the review period to reduce the consumption of tobacco in Bolivia is not strongly enforced. As a result, cigarettes continued to post healthy rates of growth and consumers continued to get used to the measures applied. ...

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Country Report

Cigars in Bolivia

Bolivians have not developed the tradition of smoking cigars. The main consumers of these products were exposed to them when travelling to other countries, and belong mainly to high-income households. Artisanal cigars which have no brand name or ...

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Country Report

Tobacco in Bolivia

Due to legislative changes, tobacco companies were forced to introduce packaging with health messages and graphic warnings. To counteract the effect of these measures, companies launched a variety of brands which offered consumers new flavoured ...

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Country Report

Smoking Tobacco in Bolivia

There is no tradition of smoking pipe or RYO tobacco in Bolivia. However, during the review period water pipe tobacco was introduced. This product is mainly smoked on-trade, but there are consumers who purchase it for home consumption. Hookah-type ...

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Country Report

Beer in Bolivia

Beer contraband intensified in 2014, especially with products from neighbouring countries like Argentina and Brazil. Beer companies are impacted by the large presence of brands that are brought through contraband in Bolivia. These brands include ...

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Country Report

Cider/Perry in Bolivia

Cider/perry in Bolivia posted slow growth in 2014 due to the impact of contraband and its seasonal consumption. Bolivians usually drink cider/perry during the months of November through January. Consumption of cider/perry throughout the year is ...

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Country Report

Rtds/High-Strength Premixes in Bolivia

Young drinkers in Bolivia continue to be the key target of RTDs/high-strength premixes. Because of their limited budgets they tend to prefer these types of alcoholic drinks. As a response, companies offer larger formats for these consumers. Unit ...

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Country Report

Spirits in Bolivia

Spirits are highly impacted by contraband in Bolivia in 2014. The favourable exchange rate of neighbouring countries encourages this activity. Most products within spirits suffer from contraband’s low-priced products that attract a large base of ...

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Country Report

Wine in Bolivia

In 2014, wine suffered as a consequence of contraband. Domestic companies’ efforts to improve the consumption of their brands were impacted by the availability of brands that are brought informally into Bolivia. Due to convenient price exchanges with...

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Country Report

Alcoholic Drinks in Bolivia

Increasing penetration of large categories, tax increases and rising contraband continue to negatively impact the alcoholic drinks market in Bolivia, where it is impacted by the increased presence of contraband products from neighbouring countries. ...

Jun 2015 | US$2,100 | Pages: 68 | Add to cart | View details

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