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Non-Grocery Retailers in Bolivia

Parapharmacies/drugstores continued on a growth path despite the increasing number of competitors. Leading players continue expanding their branches to reach a larger consumer base. New outlet opening is not only taking place in the city of Santa ...

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Country Report

Retailing in Bolivia

Retailers experienced different scenarios in 2012. While most retailers, with the exception of apparel specialists, posted dynamic rates of growth during the review period, in 2012 growth was more stable and moderate for the majority of players. ...

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Country Report

Grocery Retailers in Bolivia

Modern grocery retailers in 2012 reduced the speed at which they opened outlets compared to the review period for several reasons. First, economic conditions in the country did not facilitate speedy growth in outlet numbers and second, competition in...

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Country Report

Non-Store Retailing in Bolivia

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Bolivia has the slowest and most expensive connection to the internet in the region, a factor that hinders the growth of internet retailing in Bolivia. Most consumers have ...

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Consumer Lifestyle

Consumer Lifestyles in Bolivia

With a population of over 10 million people in 2012, Bolivia is a predominantly poor country and one of the least developed in Latin America. On the other hand, the country has recently seen robust economic growth and this has helped boost consumer ...

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