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BRIC Pet Care Part 1: How Will Emerging Markets Shape the Industry?

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The global pet care industry has proven remarkably resilient to lingering economic uncertainty. This is true not only of established pet care markets such as the USA, but also for the likes of Brazil, Russia, India and China. More importantly, many of the same industry trends and opportunities are driving retail performance as BRIC consumers become pet ‘parents’. While it remains questionable whether the BRICs will drive the global pet care market of the future, industry players must not be idle

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  • Up-to-the minute analysis of the latest trends in the industry
  • New product development, forecasts and other themes
  • Unique graphics and illustrated case studies
  • Most recent brand and company news
  • New insight into the size and shape of the market

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  • Clear, concise powerpoint format makes it easy to digest
  • Leading industry opinion keeps you abreast of latest news and trends
  • Forward-looking outlook on a category, market or issue affecting the industry
  • Latest five year forecasts assess how the market is predicted to develop
  • Understand the competitive environment, the leading players and brands

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Objectives of Global Briefing

Key Findings

Market Performance

BRIC Markets Will Outperform Global Pet Care in 2010

Chinese Government Confident Inflation Can Be Checked

Pet Food Retail Volumes Surge as Markets ‘Democratise’

An Increasing Share of the Global Pet Care Marketplace

Global Pet Care: 10 Largest Markets by Retail Value

Global Pet Care: 10 Fastest Growing Markets by Retail Value

Focus on Brazil: Marked Improvement Expected for 2010

Premiumisation Recovers but Growth Lags Behind Economy

Brazilian Pet Specialists Struggle to Tap Lower End of Market

Smaller, More Affordable Retail Formats Proliferating

Focus on Russia: Long-term Trends Survive Economic Shock

Premiumisation Trend to Continue in Russian Pet Care

Mars and Nestlé Sustain Overall Russian Pet Care Market

Focus on India: Market Still Negligible Despite Steady Growth

Small Dogs Increasingly Popular with Indian Pet Owners

Bottom End of Market Drives Indian Pet Care Sales

Focus on China: Pet Products Dominate Overall Marketplace…

…But Retail Prospects Remain Sensitive to Economic Factors

China’s Pet Superstores Cater to New Breed of Pet Owner…

…But Competition Across Retail Formats is Heating Up

Market Prospects and Opportunities

Bright Future Ahead for Pet Care Retail Marketplace

Pet Care Retail Value Forecasts for BRIC Markets

10 Biggest versus Fastest-growing Pet Care Markets in 2015

Will Wealth Polarisation Constrain Pet Care Prospects?

Social Stratification On the Rise Across Most BRIC Markets

Can Emerging Markets Pick Up Economic Baton Left by USA?

Triumph Over Informal Market Could Greatly Boost Sales

Greater Product Safety Regulations Still Needed

Brand Building and Market Segmentation Remain Key

Growing Human Health and Wellness Bodes Well for Pet Care

Clarity of Message and Consumer Education Are Essential

BRIC Markets Dog and Cat Food by Price Platform

How Will Industry Trends Impact Competitive Landscape?

BRIC Pet Care Competitive Landscape by Leading Companies

Where Will BRIC Pet Care Consumers Shop Going Forward?

Internet Pet Care Retailing Will Help Drive Overall Industry

Do Opportunities Exist for Private Label Pet Care?

Final Conclusions: Pet Care in BRIC Markets

Report Definitions

Data Parameters and Report Definitions

Report Definitions

Product and Retail Distribution Definitions


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