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Certified Organic : Moving Beyond Food and Drink (Part 3)

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“Certified Organic” is no longer associated solely with food and drink. As consumer awareness of health and the environment continues to develop, organic products are emerging in other markets, such as beauty and personal care, apparel, tissue and hygiene, pet care, alcoholic drinks and dietary supplements, but with varying success. Mapping out the growth forecast for organics and the relevant markets highlights the potential for companies to explore opportunities for organics outside food and d

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  • Up-to-the minute analysis of the latest trends in the industry
  • New product development, forecasts and other themes
  • Unique graphics and illustrated case studies
  • Most recent brand and company news
  • New insight into the size and shape of the market

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  • Understand the competitive environment, the leading players and brands

Table of Contents



Objectives of global briefing

Key findings

Organic growth evidence for opportunities outside food and drink

Players should focus on three types of consumer

Scandinavia leads consumption of organic food and drink

Consumers in Denmark come out top for spending on organic

“Certified Organic” can lead to changes in packaging material…

And changes in design to convey the benefits

Organics Beyond Food and Drinks

Large potential for organics beyond food and drink

Cross-Industry: The bid to remove contaminants

Organic faces a struggle from the demand for sustainable products

A lower price means sustainability is gaining on organic

Is sustainability the new organic?

Superior Nutrition - VDS

Organic supplements could benefit from scientific opinion

Procter & Gamble Co enters organic supplement sector in 2012

Herbal/traditional dietary supplements to grow by US$2 billion

No Nasties – Personal Care; Alcoholic Drinks

Multiple avenues for organic beauty players

“Natural” beauty products are gaining strength

Affordable organic beauty offerings continue to expand

L’Occitaine : A key player in organic beauty and personal care

Beauty and personal care foray into organics is now standardised

US is prime ground for further exploration into organic beauty

Organic alcoholic drinks remain niche

Two new organic wines from Pernod Ricard Groupe

Organic grape production used for wine making

Luxury organic offerings: Alcoholic drinks

Close to Skin - Apparel; Tissue and Hygiene

Organic apparel focused on cotton-based clothing

Standards for organic cotton

Use of organic cotton in children’s clothing

Children’s organic clothing grows globally

Added value important for organic apparel in slow economic times

Organic: Limited scope

Organic cotton usage in tissue and hygiene

Prospects could lie in North America, France and the Netherlands

Mimicking Human Ideals - Pet Care

Italy and US offer greatest opportunity for premium organic pet food

Organic cat and dog food opportunities lie mainly in North America

Organic pet care follows trends seen in packaged food

Organic pet care


Organics outside of food and drink: key points

Report Definitions

Report terminology


Appendix: Included Studies and useful links

Report parameters: 32 health and wellness countries covered

Health and wellness category definitions

Health and wellness product coverage


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