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Cheese market research

Euromonitor has the world’s most comprehensive research on the cheese category within the packaged food industry.  We monitor and analyse industry trends around the world, including in-depth data on market share and market size – from the “big picture” qualitative analysis; down to specific category data. 

Euromonitor data and market analysis cultivates your organization’s awareness of the cheese market and the greater competitive environment, ensuring accurate and focused strategies for your business.

A resource for your entire organization, Euromonitor market research supports every level of business, assisting in strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.

Cheese reports can also be purchased as part of a discounted dairy package that includes data and analysis of four packaged food categories: cheese, drinking milk products, yoghurt and other dairy.

Our cheese market research answer questions such as:

  • What is the market size of cheese?
  • What are the major brands in cheese?
  • Given mounting obesity concerns, are consumers moving from full-fat to reduced fat/fat-free offerings?
  • Are consumers moving from unpackaged to packaged cheese?



Global Briefing

The Food Brief

Six months on from the publication of packaged food and with 2014 company results in, we provide a full year review of the packaged food industry with a particular focus on the performance of major players. We also evaluate how emerging market ...

Apr 2015 | US$1,325 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Thailand

Cheese recorded healthy growth of 7% value share in 2014. During the previous three years, cheese recorded a healthier performance due to strong popularity towards Western cuisine such as sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza and pasta which require a high ...

Apr 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in the Philippines

Cheese is perceived as useful mainly as a bread spread or as a garnish/ingredient for dishes. It is very seldom that cheese is enjoyed in its own right, to be paired, for instance, with wine. As such, cheeses, such as Brie, Camembert and Emmental, ...

Apr 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Malaysia

Cheese is widely accepted by all consumers as it contains health advantages and many consumers tend to purchase it for their children due to its high calcium content. Moreover, cheese is highly used in cooking.

Apr 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Hong Kong, China

The government continued to promote its health living campaigns in 2014, aimed at raising consumer awareness of health and wellness. This resulted in consumers becoming more aware of their diets and wanting to ensure that they have the appropriate ...

Mar 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Taiwan

Cheese sales in Taiwan were still minimal in 2014, mainly because of the eating habits of the Taiwanese. Most consumers were not totally accepting of the Western-style cheese taste; only a light cheddar cheese taste was commonly accepted. However, ...

Mar 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Egypt

Sales of cheese are expected to reach 190,000 tonnes in 2014. The category is expected to see a positive performance and be less impacted by the poor economic conditions, as it is a basic necessity, unlike many other products.

Mar 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in New Zealand

It was strongly noted that unprocessed cheese was the preferred option by consumers in 2014. Unprocessed cheese saw current value growth of 3%, compared to processed cheese which declined by 4% (a stronger decline compared to 2013). The development ...

Mar 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Singapore

Cheese is set to record 4% current sales value growth to reach S$59 million in 2014, which will be marginally faster than the review period average. As Singapore is located in the hub of South East Asian region, many international restaurants entered...

Mar 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Vietnam

Towards the end of the review period, cheese became more popular in Vietnam due partly to greater exposure to Western culture. Consumer awareness of unprocessed cheese in particular increased, especially in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. ...

Mar 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

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