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Cheese market research

Euromonitor has the world’s most comprehensive research on the cheese category within the packaged food industry.  We monitor and analyse industry trends around the world, including in-depth data on market share and market size – from the “big picture” qualitative analysis; down to specific category data. 

Euromonitor data and market analysis cultivates your organization’s awareness of the cheese market and the greater competitive environment, ensuring accurate and focused strategies for your business.

A resource for your entire organization, Euromonitor market research supports every level of business, assisting in strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.

Cheese reports can also be purchased as part of a discounted dairy package that includes data and analysis of four packaged food categories: cheese, drinking milk products, yoghurt and other dairy.

Our cheese market research answer questions such as:

  • What is the market size of cheese?
  • What are the major brands in cheese?
  • Given mounting obesity concerns, are consumers moving from full-fat to reduced fat/fat-free offerings?
  • Are consumers moving from unpackaged to packaged cheese?



Country Report

Cheese in Belgium

One of the major trends shaping the consumption behaviour of Belgian consumers in cheese towards the end of the review period was the strong shift towards more natural, storied and local products. This trend, which influenced several other industries...

Nov 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Kenya

Cheese consumption is growing in Kenya, especially among the country’s rising number of middle-income consumers. This can be attributed to changing cultures with many households as they adopt more Western ways of life. This means growing interest in ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Costa Rica

Cheese has significantly benefited from the already approved free trade agreements (in particular those with European countries and the US) which have open room for the entrance of a significant base of gourmet-oriented products which are originally ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Argentina

Argentina is the seventh biggest cheese producer in the world, using 50% of the milk produced within the country. To strengthen its presence in the global market, it is focusing on producing cheese with a denomination of origin. One of the first in ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in China

Cheese remains something of a niche category in China, not being part of the country’s traditional cuisine and widely regarded as having a “pungent” smell. However, cheese is gaining popularity among children, reflecting a rising consumer awareness ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Morocco

Overall, cheese is expected to increase in current value by 5% in 2014, while volume sales are expected to increase by 1%. These growth rates are expected to be in line with the current value and volume CAGRs recorded in the category over the entire ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Israel

The issue of preservatives’ negative effect on the body affected cheese in 2013-2014. For example, Tara Dairy launched Noam sliced cheese, the first in the market to be preservative-free, supported by massive advertisements, and managed to create ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Norway

Following the implementation of new tolls and tariffs for cheese by the Norwegian government to protect domestic manufacturers from foreign competition in 2012, the allocation method for the 4,500 tonnes of cheese quota from the EU which is not sold ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Competing in Packaged Food: Uncovering White Space in Packaging, Product and Retail

With the packaged food market hitting saturation point in developed markets, the key challenge for brands is to identify white space: the last remaining areas of opportunity. In mature markets where spending on food is already high, Euromonitor ...

Oct 2014 | US$1,200 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cheese in Denmark

The fat tax, which was introduced in late 2011, was removed on 1 January 2014. The tax was unpopular among consumers, led to a sharp rise in unit prices, an increase in border trade and put an extra administrative burden on manufacturers, thus ...

Oct 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

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