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Toys and Games in China

As economic slowdown continued to occur in China in 2015, the toys and games market recorded slower growth. The reason for this was the saturated market environment, poor economic conditions, a lower birth rate and the strong impact of internet ...

Jun 2016 | US$2,100 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Traditional Toys: The Growth of STEM and Physical Development Toys

Parents globally have started to purchase traditional toys & games that contribute to their child’s physical and mental development. Rising obesity concerns and increased urbanisation have fuelled physical development toys, while science, technology,...

Oct 2015 | US$1,325 | Pages: 41 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

The Future of Toys-to-Life: Prospects and Forecasts

Since the launch of Skylanders in 2011, toys-to-life have been one of the fastest-growing product categories in toys and games. With the launch of LEGO Dimensions in late 2015 the market is poised for dynamic growth in 2015 and 2016. However, the ...

Sep 2015 | US$1,325 | Pages: 32 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Key Global and Regional Trends Shaping Toys Licensing

Licensing is a key parameter for toys sales globally. Half of the top 10 most heavily licensed toys markets are in Asia Pacific, while the US is the world’s largest. As Frozen took the industry by storm, 2014 was a particularly good year in toys ...

Sep 2015 | US$1,325 | Pages: 42 | Add to cart | View details

Strategy Briefing

Parents-in-Waiting: Global Perinatal Market Trends

Despite low birth rates and economic pressures, pregnancy and childbirth are celebrated more than ever. From the moment of conception, routines and shopping habits change radically and a growing “bump” industry has emerged, spanning everything from ...

Dec 2013 | US$1,200 | Pages: 77 | Add to cart | View details

Strategy Briefing

Age Blurring: How the Breakdown of Age Boundaries Is Affecting Global Consumer Markets

As global attitudes on youth, middle-age and the elderly have altered, the traditionally-perceived boundaries of age-appropriate lifestyles, behaviours and preferences are blurring, making it more difficult for marketers to stereotype consumers along...

Apr 2011 | US$2,600 | Pages: 70 | Add to cart | View details

Strategy Briefing

Make Way for Generation Z: Marketing to Today’s Tweens and Teens

The new generation, encompassing today's tweens and teenagers, have never had it so good. Brand-conscious, tech-savvy, old before their years and equipped with generous incomes that are almost entirely discretionary, they are an increasingly ...

Feb 2011 | US$2,600 | Pages: 71 | Add to cart | View details

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