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Global Briefing

Soft Drinks in Southeast Asia: Diversifying Product Mix Amidst Evolving Consumer Base

Emerging economies in Southeast Asia have made the region a hot bed for soft drinks growth over the last decade. However, as a broader range of consumers demand packaged beverages, global and regional manufacturers need to evolve their offerings to ...

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Global Briefing

The Rise of Luxury Spending and High Income Earners in Emerging Markets

The global picture of wealth is changing and the number of high income earners in emerging markets is rising rapidly. This briefing will provide some insight into the profiles and spending habits of high income earners and long-term forecasts for ...

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Global Briefing

Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Asia Pacific: Examining the Opportunities

Growth from India, China and Indonesia drives Asia Pacific to lead packaging demand in the global beauty and personal care industry. Manufacturers launch in innovative pack formats, sizes and functionality with leading pack types of squeezable ...

Feb 2015 | US$1,325 | Pages: 49 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Power Tools: Category Overview

Power tools suffered from sluggish sales in the review period, despite significant product innovations and improvements. This was due to the products’ dependence on macroeconomic conditions, which have been highly volatile since 2008. Key markets ...

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Global Briefing

Production of Major Appliances: Five Years on From the Crisis , What Does the Landscape Look Like ?

Global production of major appliances continues to grow, though at a slower pace, thanks to China. Five years on from the crisis, the World is seeing recovery; however, this has not been enough to return to pre-crisis levels in most categories when ...

Jan 2015 | US$1,325 | Pages: 57 | Add to cart | View details

City Review

Shenzhen City Review

With a population of 10.6 million and GDP of US$234 billion in 2013, Shenzhen is the fifth-largest city in China and a major city in the south of Guangdong Province. Shenzhen is home to China's first Special Economic Zone, which has given a major ...

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City Review

Beijing City Review

Beijing is China's administrative and educational centre, at the same time hosting important manufacturing and research sites. In pursuit of a "headquarters economy", Beijing is aiming to attract more high value-added services into the city. At the ...

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City Review

Tianjin City Review

Tianjin is a vital manufacturing base in North China. Located in relatively close proximity to Beijing, Tianjin has attracted a number of strategic industries and enjoyed preferential policy treatment. The Chinese government has plans to transform ...

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City Review

Shanghai City Review

Shanghai may be regarded as China's most advanced city. Its economy is heavily orientated towards services, and growth in wage rates poses challenges to the competitiveness of many manufacturing industries in the city (particularly wage-sensitive ...

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City Review

Guangzhou City Review

Guangzhou is a major regional centre in China. Its economy has long been fuelled by its proximity to Hong Kong, which transited its demand for goods and services to neighbouring Guangzhou. Similar to other Chinese cities, Guangzhou is struggling to ...

Jan 2015 | US$725 | Pages: 23 | Add to cart | View details

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