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Euromonitor Analysis


Can Vegan Food Products Succeed in the US and Beyond?


Why did the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, invest in two vegan food companies - Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek Foods? Why did Asia’s richest man Li Ka-shing invest in Hampton Creek Foods? They think that consumers in the US, China, and beyond will respond favourably to vegan alternatives to beef, chicken, eggs, and mayonnaise. Increased interest in food safety, animal welfare, and the environment could boost demand for vegan food products.

Sep 2014| Watch


Annie's Poised For More Success With General Mills' Acquisition


General Mills recently announced that it will acquire Annie's Homegrown Inc, a manufacturer of natural and organic packaged foods such as macaroni & cheese mixes and cookies. This acquisition is in line with General Mills' recent strategy of buying up natural and organic food companies such as Larabar, which it purchased in 2008. With many US consumers looking for natural and healthy food alternatives, this strategy will likely prove successful for General Mills.

Sep 2014| Watch


Halal Tourism a Growing Opportunity for Asia


A majority of Asian governments are making travelling easier on Muslim tourists by offering halal foods and prayer areas. Today, Hong Kong and South Korea are destinations for Muslim shoppers buying personal care and beauty products, and countries such as Japan are offering travel packages and information catered specifically to Muslim tourists. Although many initiatives are currently government oriented, private businesses stand to profit by catering to this consumer base.

Sep 2014| Watch

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