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Euromonitor Analysis


Developing Countries Gain Momentum in Computer Services


Ongoing computerization around the world significantly increases the value of computer and related services provided in and from the emerging countries. Such a shift of computer services potential to developing countries is motivated by two main factors.

Aug 2014| Explore


Innovation and Development in Oral Care


Philips and Braun are on the forefront of toothbrush technology, with Braun introducing products such as the Oral-B Pro 6000 SmartSeries, which monitors brushing times and habits and sends information to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Innovations in the toothpaste market include Colgate’s Sugar Acid Neutralizing toothpaste. Preventative care is becoming an important facet in oral care and products that assist consumers in these goals will perform well in the next five years.

Aug 2014| Listen


Natural Gas – A Cleaner Energy Alternative for China


The Chinese long reliance on coal is creating environmental issues, so alternative energy sources are attracting more and more attention. Natural gas may be the answer for China, as foreign supply increases and the country hosts the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas reserves. Although coal will remain China’s number one energy source in the foreseeable future, the country’s desire to solve its pollution problems greatly benefit natural gas companies both foreign and local.

Aug 2014| Watch

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