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Competitor Analysis

Understanding the competition is essential to corporate strategy planning.

Issues we address

We track activities and initiatives of existing and emerging competitors, evaluating their impact and allowing the client to respond quickly and change their strategy. Typical client questions include:

  • Can you profile competitor strategies, sales, operational set-up, and distribution?
  • What are our competitive threats?
  • What are our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can we measure our performance against our competitors?
  • What can we learn from competitors’ success?
  • What are industry best practices?
  • What is the optimum allocation of marketing expenditure?
  • We want to compare the marketing claims of our global competitors
  • Can you build a shortlist of potential partners best suited to our needs?


Our geographic reach and interview-based methodology allows us to analyse private companies, even when publicly available information is limited. We offer a range of solutions including tracking and profiling, analytics for predictive and response-driven strategies, and research to find and evaluate targets and potential partners. Our capabilities include:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Brand portfolio analysis
  • Marketing analytics and optimisation
  • Marketing and product claims
  • Mergers and acquisition research
  • Partner search and evaluation


  • Maintain competitive advantage by identifying opportunities and potential threats, assisting them in adapting their strategy ahead of their rivals
  • Track competitor activities and anticipate their strategies
  • Identify strategic weaknesses in competitor positions
  • Evaluate competitor marketing claims, promotions and advertising
  • Find suitable partners for distribution or supply
  • Independent evaluations of acquisition target

Competitor Analysis


Organisation Types We support

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"The market data you have provided...has been excellent and has helped to prepare a better export strategy for our requested 2009 activities. We have more confidence in the data than from previous information sources." State Department of Nevada

"I found the Euromonitor team responsive and quick in understanding the business needs. The study was structured to help identify the opportunities in the marketplace and the outputs were helpful in formulating the business plans and the go to market strategy." Unilever Asia