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Consumer Finance

National and global financial institutions use Euromonitor International to identify and understand market opportunities, cardholder behaviour, consumer spending and to benchmark the competition.

Who we support

  • Operators
  • Issuers
  • Acquirers
  • Processors
  • Technology providers
  • Retail banks

How we support you

Consumer insights

Customer profiling benefits from the sizing and analysis of unbanked populations and the consumer uptake of payment innovation including mobile commerce. We show consumer insight teams how people are spending money across all sectors and provide a foundation for understanding what products resonate with consumers. We give uniquely detailed data by age, household and social types to show how wealth is earned and spent in 200 countries.

Customer acquisition and strategy

Use our maps of structures and trends in retailing, foodservice and travel channels to spot new card occasions and to detail existing merchant relationships. Examine potential lift in financial card spending in all sectors of the merchant landscape from supermarkets to hotels.

Competitive intelligence

Examine operator and issuer profiles and understand their strategies. We assist operators and issuers in increasing transaction volume and value and retail banks rely on our data to evaluate levels of borrowing, debt and delinquent loans by sector.

Identifying growth

Financial card companies utilise information from travel to anticipate the impact of tourism on plastic spending. Retailing allows card companies to gain an early mover advantage based on evolving retail format, expanding merchant base and high growth product categories.

Market entry assessment

As a component in the expansion of their geographic footprint, financial institutions rely on Passport to evaluate the payments’ environment before committing resources. Our independent viewpoint supplies critical details on consumer attitudes, appetite for consumer finance products and the regulatory climate. Our analysis allows financial institutions to pursue growth while recognising disruption that may exist in the market.


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Can't find what you're looking for in Passport?

We design, manage and deliver custom projects to help consumer finance clients collect the information necessary for their most challenging questions.

Some typical examples of how we can help include:

  • Quantify market size and assess potential for growing card acceptance by merchants and card spend versus other forms of payment including cash, cheque and electronic
  • Understand needs and wants of issuing banks, merchants and their customers to build the business case for promoting card acceptance
  • Evaluation of new opportunities and growth areas such as commercial cards and business-to-business transactions
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