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In recent years, Norwegian consumers have been cushioned from the most severe effects of the global economic downturn. Largely, this was due to the economic benefits brought about by strong global demand for the country’s abundant natural resources. While consumers tightened their belts somewhat in 2009, by 2010 spending rebounded, in line with increasing annual disposable incomes. Overall, this scenario has led to relatively unwavering demand for a wide range of consumer products and services.

Consumer Lifestyle Reports provide current and detailed snapshots of the unique behaviours, attitudes and spending patterns of consumers in Norway.

In addition to covering important core topics like household disposable income, consumer expenditure, savings and credit and housing and home ownership, this report also contains hard-to-find statistics on more specific consumer-related topics like eating and drinking habits, shopping habits, preferred types of stores and retail venues, clothing and fashion trends and descriptions of how consumers spend their leisure and recreation time.

A consumer segmentation section in the report breaks down the Norway’s consumers by specific age groups, ranging from babies and infants to pensioners; highlighting the factors that influence purchasing decisions and the products in greatest demand for each segment.

Use the Consumer Lifestyle in Norway report to answer questions including:

  • In what types of stores do consumers shop for food and drink?
  • Do commuters drive cars to work or take public transport?
  • How do ethnic groups influence consumer preferences and expenditure trends?
  • How many households own microwave ovens? Personal computers? Refrigerators?
  • On the whole, are the Norway’s consumers spenders or savers?
  • Where do consumers go on holiday and how much do they spend?
  • How well are consumers served by the Norway’s healthcare system?

Buy Consumer Lifestyle reports to:

  • Get a quick, clear and comprehensive understanding of consumer trends, attitudes and behaviour in Norway with relevant data conveniently laid out in a single, easy-to-read document
  • Immediately gain hard-to-discern insights from local analysts into the factors that influence daily decision-making processes of Norway consumers as they shop for and buy needed products and services
  • Save research time and effort by quickly identifying unique (or in some cases similar) consumer attributes and characteristics that explain the demand for specific products and services in Norway
  • Quickly grasp the dynamics and direction of Norway’s retail distribution network in order to understand how manufacturers and distributors get their products to consumers

Table of Contents


Current Behaviour within the Broader Economic Climate

Consumer Confidence

Misery Index

  • Chart 1 Misery Index 2006-2011


School Life

University Life

Adult Learning

  • Chart 2 Number of Students in Higher Education and Expenditure per Student in PPP Terms 2006-2011
  • Chart 3 Regional Ranking of Number of University Students 2011


Working Conditions

Women in the Workplace


Alternative Work Options


  • Chart 4 Employed and Unemployed Population and Labour Force Participation Rate 2006-2011
  • Chart 5 Population Aged 15-64 Compared with Old-Age Dependency Ratio 2000-2020
  • Chart 6 Regional Ranking of Female Employment Rate 2011


Dining In

Dining Out

Café Culture

Snacking Habits

Attitudes towards Food Trends

  • Chart 7 Per Capita Expenditure on Consumer Foodservice by Chained and Independent 2011
  • Chart 8 Regional Ranking of Availability of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 2011


Attitudes towards Drinking

Drinking Inside the Home

Drinking Outside the Home

  • Chart 9 Per Capita Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks and Soft Drinks by Category 2011
  • Chart 10 Regional Ranking of Alcoholic Drinks Consumption: Off-trade vs On-trade 2011


Attitudes towards Personal Care

Attitudes towards Beauty

Male Grooming

Use of Hair Care Salons, Spas, Nail and Beauty Parlours

  • Chart 11 Value Sales of Beauty and Personal Care Key Categories 2006-2011
  • Chart 12 Regional Ranking of Per Capita Sales of Men's Grooming Products 2011


Attitudes towards Clothing

Attitudes towards Footwear

Attitudes towards Personal Adornment

Attitudes towards Accessories/Luxury Goods

  • Chart 13 Consumer Expenditure on Clothing and Footwear 2006-2011
  • Chart 14 Regional Ranking of Consumer Expenditure on Clothing and Footwear as a Proportion of Total Consumer Expenditure 2011


Public versus Private Healthcare

Attitudes to Health and Well-being

Over-the-Counter versus Prescription-Only Medicines (OTC vs POM)

Sport and Fitness


  • Chart 15 Growth in Public and OTC Expenditure on Pharmaceuticals Compared with Healthy Life Expectancy at Birth 2006-2011
  • Chart 16 Regional Ranking of Obese and Overweight Population 2011


Smoking Prevalence

Attitudes to Smoking

  • Chart 17 Smoking Prevalence amongst Men and Women 2006-2011
  • Chart 18 Regional Ranking of Smoking Prevalence 2011


Attitudes to Shopping

Main Household Food and Non-food Consumables Shop

Top-up Food Shopping

Shopping for Big-ticket Items

Personal Shopping

E-commerce and M-commerce

  • Chart 19 Importance of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Discounters within Grocery Retailing 2011
  • Chart 20 Regional Ranking of Sales through Internet Retailing 2011


Staying In

Going Out

Public Holidays, Celebrations and Gift-giving


  • Chart 21 Cinema Attendances 2006-2011
  • Chart 22 Regional Ranking of Consumer Expenditure on Leisure and Recreation as a Proportion of Total Consumer Expenditure 2011


Attitudes to DIY

Attitudes to Gardening

  • Chart 23 Number of Home Owners and New Dwellings Completed 2006-2011
  • Chart 24 Regional Ranking of Home Owners as a Proportion of Total Households 2011


Attitudes to Pet Ownership

  • Chart 25 Pet Population and Sales of Pet Food 2006-2011
  • Chart 26 Regional Ranking of Pet Ownership 2011


Getting Around

Use of Public Transport

Air Travel

  • Chart 27 Kilometres Travelled by Road, Rail and Air Compared with Motorway Intensity, Petrol Prices and Number of Scheduled Airline Passengers Carried 2006-2011
  • Chart 28 Regional Ranking of Possession of Passenger Cars 2011


Attitudes to Taking Holidays

Main Holiday-taking Trends

Domestic versus Foreign Holidays

Preferred Travel Methods

  • Chart 29 Domestic and Outgoing Tourist Expenditure by Sector 2006-2011
  • Chart 30 Regional Ranking of Holiday Departures 2011


Attitudes toward Payment Methods


Loans and Mortgages

  • Chart 31 Consumer Lending Compared with Savings and Savings Ratio 2006-2011
  • Chart 32 Regional Ranking of Financial Cards in Circulation 2011


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