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Content Licencing

Premium Content Licensing Solutions From Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is a publisher of premium global market research. Licensing our content can add significant value to your product offering.

  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase value for your current customers
  • Fill information gaps in your existing offering
  • Attract visitors to your website
  • Create premium up sell options

Flexible Content Licensing Models

Packages of our content can be licensed by country, data type or subject area. We have a huge amount of content covering all industries, country data and consumer trends and lifestyles.  Content can be delivered in a number of formats including full text reports, analysts articles, graphics, video, podcasts and raw data.

We offer flexibility on all aspects of commercial partnership and work with a number of different licensing models.

Ask us about:

  • Report sales – we have more than 15,000 off-the-shelf reports available for immediate resale
  • Repackaged content – we can use existing content to create reports and datasets to suit your needs
  • Integrated data solutions - data feeds to drive dashboards
  • Bespoke reports and data researched, written and delivered to your specification