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Direct selling market research

Euromonitor has the world’s most comprehensive research on the direct selling category within the retailing industry.  We monitor and analyse industry trends around the world, including in-depth data on market share and market size – from the “big picture” qualitative analysis; down to specific category data. 

Euromonitor data and market analysis cultivates your organization’s awareness of the direct selling market and the greater competitive environment, ensuring accurate and focused strategies for your business.

A resource for your entire organization, Euromonitor market research supports every level of business, assisting in strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.

Our direct selling market research answer questions such as:

  • What is the market size of direct selling?
  • Who are the leading retailers in direct selling?
  • How important is direct selling?
  • How is the direct selling channel being affected by the growth of internet retailing?
  • What strategies are direct sellers employing to compete in a multi-channel environment?



Country Report

Direct Selling in China

In 2013, eight new companies received direct selling licenses from the government. Thus, the total number of direct sellers rose to 41 by the end of December. The new players are: Guangdong Jiuji Biotech Co Ltd; QuanJian Natural Medicine Science and ...

Mar 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Direct Selling in Morocco

Direct selling is a very popular selling method in Morocco, particularly among women. Value sales grew by 12% in current terms in 2013 to reach Dh1.3 billion. Direct selling has expanded in rural areas since 2010 and as at the end of the review ...

Mar 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Direct Selling in Chile

Direct selling is showing clear signs of a slowdown in 2013, as current value sales are growing at a slower pace for the fourth consecutive year. The reason behind this is online retailers, which are presenting a stronger challenge to direct sellers ...

Mar 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Direct Selling in Mexico

Some direct sellers are increasingly focused on multichannel distribution. One example of this is Price Shoes, a shoes and personal accessories company which opened its 12th store in December 2012. Although this is not a new development and its first...

Mar 2014 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Direct Selling in Ukraine

The two main players in direct selling, Oriflame Cosmetics Ukraine and Avon Cosmetics (Ukraine), are developing well, with both companies’ shares growing at the expense of their competitors. The products offered by these two companies are ...

Apr 2013 | US$900 | Add to cart | View details

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