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    Country Profile

    Dominica: Country Profile

    Mar 2017

    Dominica’s economy continues to grow feebly. Private final consumption will weaken but still be the main driver. A decline in credit is a drag on economic activity. Dominica’s failure to diversify its economy away from agriculture and to better ...

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    Country Report

    Travel in Dominica

    Aug 2016

    Dominica was hit by tropical storm Erika in August 2015, having a negative impact on the travel and tourism industry. Hotels and communications infrastructure suffered but the country was able to restore itself and bounce back rapidly, minimising the...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Beauty and Personal Care Ingredients: Consumer Trends in Latin America

    Mar 2014

    Latin America has overtaken Western Europe to become the second largest region for ingredients used in beauty and personal care. It is important for ingredient manufacturers to understand the trends and consumer lifestyles driving ingredient growth ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Soft Drinks in Latin America: Keeping a Global Bright Spot Bright

    Jan 2014

    As soft drinks consumption in North America and Europe dips, Latin America has been the global bright spot for soft drinks brand owners and bottlers over the recent review period. Emerging national economies, modernising retail channels and rising ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Regional Overview: Health and Wellbeing Trends in Latin America

    Aug 2013

    Latin America is one of the bright spots in consumer health. Rising incomes, new products and greater adoption of health and wellness trends are contributing to an exceptional performance in the region. To keep the momentum going, companies are ...

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