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Euromonitor Consulting: Alternative Channels

Organisations often require information beyond traditional retail channels to maximise full market potential. Alternative Channel reports provide insight on channel dynamics outside the retail space.

Obtain a holistic market view

Go beyond retail and track sales in alternative channels, a common blind spot for businesses. Explore sales to alternative channels such as hotels, salons and airports to obtain a full view of potential opportunities.

Determine opportunities in often-overlooked channels

Often largely fragmented, these indirect customers collectively make up a significant portion of real or potential sales. Use Euromonitor Consulting to understand the current size of these opportunities, current need states of players in this space and a view of potential spaces for increasing market share.

Tailor your distribution strategy

Assess your competition and fine-tune product placement activities using our product positioning mapping, top-line route to market information and pricing examples. Develop a differentiated strategy for non-retail channels to better negotiate with distributors.

Target all potential revenue streams

Enter lucrative categories by product extensions or innovation through multi-functionality and identify mega trends and their impact on sales, from urbanisation to perceptions of value to consumer behaviour.