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Market research for the eyewear industry

Euromonitor has the world’s most comprehensive research on the eyewear industry. We monitor and analyse industry trends in Eyewear globally, including in-depth data on market share and market size – from the “big picture” down to specific category levels. Categories in eyewear include:

    Euromonitor data and market analysis advances your knowledge of the industry and its competitive environment, ensuring accurate and focused strategies for your business. Our market research can be used throughout your entire organisation, including strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.




    Complete Euromonitor Reference Library

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    Country Report

    Contact Lenses in South Africa

    Consumer brand choice continued to be influenced by optometrists during the review period. It is common practice in South Africa that consumers often buy brands that are recommended by optometrists soon after eye examinations. Considering the fact ...

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    Country Report

    Eyewear in South Africa

    Value sales for most eyewear products saw fair growth during 2013, despite the rise in the general cost of living in South Africa. Increased access to information by consumers has greatly helped in encouraging consumers to consider their eye health ...

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    Country Report

    Spectacles in South Africa

    Limited disposable income continued to influence consumer product choice as well as priorities during the review period. One notable trend was the fact that most citizens were reluctant to spend money on having their eyes examined by eye specialists....

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    Statistical Reference Handbook

    World Consumer Lifestyles Databook 2014

    A statistical reference book packed with lifestyle statistics for 76 countries, including home ownership patterns and income.

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    Country Report

    Contact Lenses in Indonesia

    Contact lenses continued its penetration in Indonesian market despite use by a small share of population with vision refraction errors compared to spectacles’ penetration. Due to its long-term cost, contact lenses continued to be used predominantly ...

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    Country Report

    Eyewear in Indonesia

    Eyewear is increasingly a fashion item for a growing number of people in Indonesia, not merely a vision correction device. With growing affordability, people can own multiple pairs of eyewear to suit fashion lifestyle or be up to date with current ...

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    Country Report

    Spectacles in Indonesia

    Spectacles is mature in Indonesia with the major portion of the low income segment having limited affordability. Volume growth of spectacles during 2013 was helped by growing number of people in low income segment owning spectacles, in through ...

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    Country Report

    Spectacles in Poland

    Increasing eye health awareness and growing myopia and hyperopia rates positively affected spectacles in 2013. Consumers are beginning to care more about their sight and are gradually turning to professional advice in terms of product quality and ...

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    Country Report

    Contact Lenses in Poland

    The increasing popularity of internet retailing as a distribution channel was the main trend observed within contact lenses in 2013. While in 2006 only 9% of contact lenses (in value terms) was sold through this channel, in 2013 its share amounted to...

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    Statistical Reference Handbook

    Statistical Reference Handbook