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FAQs About Sample Reports and Data Extracts

Q: Can I get a more specific sample for the country I’m interested in?
A: Unfortunately not, we cannot provide specific samples for every industry in every country. We've chosen one country as an example for the industry.

Q: Is the content in the sample reports real and accurate?
A: Our sample reports and sample data extracts have been created solely to illustrate the typical make-up of a report. They are for illustration purposes only, the sample content and sample data are not actual country content.
Q: Is the information in the sample representative for all countries?
A: While we endeavour to provide as much cross country comparable information as possible, however it may not be possible to provide the same volume of data and analysis for every country. Our pricing accounts for the difficulty in researching data-poor markets, as well as for the volume of information available in data-rich markets.

Q: What is the best way to see what content is in the report I intend to purchase?
A: The “Table of Contents” is specific to each report. You should click on the tab on the report content page to see an exact list of report sections.

Q:  Why is there less information than I expected in some of the sample reports, especially for some of the category reports?
A: Many sample reports are created from smaller to mid-size markets for illustrative purposes. Larger markets will have respectively more information and company profiles. The country report you are interested in may be larger/smaller dependent on the actual market size in that country.

Q: I have more questions about what is contained in the reports and extracts, who do I contact?
A:  If you have questions about how to purchase a report or a subscription or what is contained within each, please contact us via:

- The Live Chat tab to communicate in real time to one of our support agents
- Or email:

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