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Market Research on Fast Food

Euromonitor International publishes the world's most comprehensive market research on fast food within the consumer foodservice market. We provide data and analysis on everything from total market sizes, market shares and industry trends to specific sub-category level information, including:

Related to this market: ingredients, packaging, retailing, luxury goods, travel, institutional channels, hot drinks, soft drinks and dairy drinks, health and wellness, nutrition and packaged food.

In addition we can provide in-depth data and statistics on: consumer lifestyles, income and expenditure, population, cities, households, the digital consumer, economy, finance and trade.

As well as; business dynamics and commercial industrial supply chains.



Global Briefing

Corporate Strategies in Consumer Foodservice: Reimagining the Restaurant

While top-line growth in the global restaurant industry has slowed, innovation and investment are booming. In a world where digital advertising is omnipresent, the real-life experience of eating out is a highly effective – and sought-after – branding...

Jan 2016 | US$1,325 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Running Just to Stay in Place: Consumer Foodservice in Rapidly Evolving Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific as a region has become both increasingly important to the global growth picture and more difficult to navigate, as the largest markets grow simultaneously more competitive and less certain in terms of their long-term opportunities. This ...

Dec 2015 | US$1,325 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Fast Food in Australia

Higher investment in the development of new concepts, including menus, outlets and service, characterised fast food in Australia. Fast food consumers in Australia have become more demanding in terms of food quality and service, and have higher ...

Sep 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Fast Food in New Zealand

2014 saw a strong influence of Mexican cuisine throughout fast food, not only through Latin American fast food outlets. The growth of dedicated Mexican fast food outlets such as Mexicali Fresh continued to grow, however, other fast food brands also ...

Sep 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Fast Food in the United Arab Emirates

2014 saw the continuation of the convenience trend in the United Arab Emirates. Large parts of the population are working long hours and especially single men are often looking for convenient, quick meal solutions, which are usually found in fast ...

Aug 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

A New Era of Growth and Competition: Global Consumer Foodservice in 2015 and Beyond

Global consumer foodservice in 2015 can be characterised by strong growth at the global level, with significant competitive challenges in major markets. Operators struggled with changing consumer preferences, macroeconomic pressures, and the constant...

Aug 2015 | US$1,325 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

New Product Development in Consumer FoodService : Asian Flavours , Freshness, and Value Above All Else

New product development in 2014 was driven by consumers’ desire to maximise the value of their dining experiences, through any and all means necessary. This meant operators looked for ways to add more freshness and functionality to their menus, and ...

Jun 2015 | US$1,325 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Fast Food in South Africa

The enduring popularity of fast food, coupled with the growing trends for convenience and value for money, continued to drive category growth in 2014. With economic and socio-economic pressures constraining household disposable incomes, South ...

Jun 2015 | US$990 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

The World on a Plate: Trends in Packaged Food Flavours and Ethnic Cuisine - Part 2

Globalisation and migration are seeing the movement of people between countries. Migrants and travellers influence food culture, taking ethnic food to new markets. Innovative local companies and private label are crucial in development of ethnic ...

Nov 2014 | US$1,325 | Add to cart | View details

Strategy Briefing

The Sugar Backlash and its Effects on Global Consumer Markets

Added sugars – in particular fructose - in processed food and drinks play a key part in the growing problems of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. Consumer demand is forcing manufacturers to reduce sugar content and develop natural alternatives to ...

Nov 2014 | US$1,325 | Add to cart | View details

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