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Global Pet Food and Pet Care Products: Historical Lessons from Past Economic Downturns

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The global pet food industry has long prided itself on being recession-proof and largely proved to be so during recent economic downturns. Consumers generally tend to not eschew pet food purchases in the face of economic woes. Sales are being further reinforced by ongoing pet humanisation, which particularly supports premium-positioned products, thus boosting retail value sales. However, consumers still seek out the best possible deals available, as value for money is paramount.

What this report includes

  • Up-to-the minute analysis of the latest trends in the industry
  • New product development, forecasts and other themes
  • Unique graphics and illustrated case studies
  • Most recent brand and company news
  • New insight into the size and shape of the market

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  • Clear, concise powerpoint format makes it easy to digest
  • Leading industry opinion keeps you abreast of latest news and trends
  • Forward-looking outlook on a category, market or issue affecting the industry
  • Latest five year forecasts assess how the market is predicted to develop
  • Understand the competitive environment, the leading players and brands

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Table of Contents

Objectives and Parameters

Objectives for Global Briefing

Key Findings


Historical Lessons

Economic Crises of the Last Two Decades

Latin American Crises

Latin American Crisis 1998-1999

Latin American Economies in Crisis

Impact of the Latin American Crisis

Argentine Crisis: 2001-2002

Venezuelan Crisis: 2002-2003

Impact of Latin American Crises on Pet Food and Pet Care

Major Downturn Required to Derail Shift to Prepared Food

Case Study: Argentina 2001-2002

Case Study: Argentine Players Adapt to Volatile Times

Case Study: Argentina's Sagem ü ller SA

Road to Recovery for Argentina 2003-2005

Case Study: Venezuela 2002-2003

Case Study: Venezuelan Players Respond to Crisis

Case Study: Nido Industrial SA in Venezuela

Road to Recovery for Venezuela 2004-2005

Key Lessons Learnt

Western European Slowdown

Western European Slowdown 2001-2002

Western European Economies in Slowdown

Impact of the Western European Slowdown

Impact of the Slowdown on Pet Food and Pet Care Products

Continued Shift to Prepared Food Despite Slowdown

Case Study: Germany 2001-2004

German Cat Food Performance by Price Platform 2001-2004

Case Study: Private Label Benefits Most in Germany

Case Study: Private Label in Germany

Case Study: Mars Mitigates Losses in Germany

German Road to Recovery 2004-2006

German Cat Food Performance by Price Platform 2004-2006

Case Study: Italy 2001-2004

Case Study: Increased Focus on Quality in Italy

Case Study: Agrolimen SA in Italy

Italian Road to Recovery 2004-2006

Manufacturers Continue to Push Premium Food in Italy

Key Lessons Learnt

US Economic Slowdown

US Economic Slowdown 2001

US Economy in Slowdown

Impact of the US Slowdown 2001

Case Study: US 2000-2002

Health and Wellness Drives Dry Food and Treats

US Pet Food and Pet Care Products Performance 2000-2003

Case Study: Premium Purveyors Fare Best

Case Study: Leading US Dog/Cat Food Producers

Case Study: P&G Widens US Retail Availability

Case Study: Nutro Drives US Super-Premium Food

US Road to Recovery 2003-2005

Key Lessons Learnt


Impact of Global Economic Downturn

Past Crises: Key Historical Lessons Worldwide

Global Winning Categories

Global Losing Categories

Final Conclusions: Pet Food and Pet Care Products


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