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Global Trends in Beauty and Personal Care Surfactants

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Surfactants are an important ingredient in many beauty and personal care products, and to this end have maintained steady growth worldwide. However, the market in Western regions is very weak and in developing regions demand is dampened. There is still growth potential in many countries and in specialist applications. Market trends, including mildness, are having an impact on surfactants, but efficacy is still key. These trends and opportunities for the industry are discussed in this report.

Continued good growth potential in Asia Pacific and Latin America

Despite weaker growth than in the past, there remains good growth potential in Asia Pacific and Latin America. China is the largest market for surfactants used in BPC, ahead of India and Brazil, and this will remain so in 2018.

Opportunities for growth in specialist categories

Western regions are forecast weak growth in surfactants in BPC, but there is still growth to be found in specialist categories. These include men’s grooming and baby and child-specific products.

Efficacy overrides other consumer requirements

Effectiveness is a key purchase driver in BPC. Therefore, where other ingredients are being rejected because there are concerns among some consumers over their toxicological impact, some key surfactants are still widely used because they are effective.

Mild surfactants in demand across BPC

Mildness is a key trend in bath and shower and hair care. Surfactants that meet this trend, but are also effective, are being used in formulations at the expense of more harsh ingredients.

Urbanisation fuels growth in BPC

The growing urban population, particularly in developing countries, is helping to fuel the growth in BPC. As more people work in office and retail environments, awareness of personal appearance and hygiene is increasing the frequency of use of BPC products.

Decline in traditional bar soap creates demand for other surfactants

As consumers? incomes increase and there is a move to urban locations in developing countries, more are switching from traditional bar soap to liquid products, including liquid soap and shower gel. This is changing surfactant requirements in these countries.

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Key findings


Market Drivers

Research and development of sustainable ingredients continues

Limited impact on surfactants from chemical backlash

Growth in mild formulations using alternative surfactants

Effectiveness of products key to repeat purchase

Increase in multifunctional BPC

Changing lifestyles influence demand for surfactants in BPC

Overview of the Global Beauty and Personal Care Category

Global beauty industry growth wanes

Steady growth forecast for beauty and personal care

Variable growth rates across beauty and personal care

Specialist categories see strongest growth

Developing regions continue to offer greatest opportunities

The changing face of beauty and personal care

Category Analysis-Overview

Relatively weak growth forecast for surfactants in BPC

Asia Pacific leads surfactants market

India and China lead volume growth in surfactants

Smaller applications offer growth potential for surfactants

Category Analysis – Bath and Shower

Good growth for surfactants outside of bar soap

Market drivers of surfactants used in bath and shower

Shower gel and liquid soap important for surfactants growth

Bar soap determines growth prospects for total surfactants

US leads surfactants excluding soaps

Focus on Turkey

Growth driven by rising demand

Anionic surfactants key in bath and shower formulations

New product development in bath and shower

Category Analysis – Hair Care

Steady growth for surfactants in hair care

Market drivers of surfactants used in hair care

Developing countries drive demand for surfactants in hair care

China leads growth in hair care surfactants

Focus on USA

Move towards milder surfactants

Rising demand for natural and mild surfactants in hair care

New product development in hair care

Category Analysis - Other

Strong growth in baby care finds opportunities for mild surfactants

Men’s grooming finds further opportunities for specialist ingredients

Future Prospects

Recommendations to meet future growth in surfactants

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