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Global Briefing

Travel Industry Forecast Review

Travel and tourism again illustrated its continuing importance in 2013, with a 4% rise in international arrivals and hitting record numbers. Tourists from the emerging markets are leading this growth, with Chinese outbound becoming a global ...

Apr 2014 | US$1,200 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

City Travel Briefing: Bangkok

Thailand is one of Asia‘s favourite destinations, and Bangkok is reaping the benefits. Since the severe floods of 2011, following weeks of political protests in 2010, the city has increased its popularity, successfully positioning itself as a ...

Feb 2014 | US$525 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Online Travel in the BRICS Presentation

Despite recent headline news about the slowdown experienced in the BRICS economies, these countries continue to command strong appeal. BRICS consumers are moving online in their droves and together make up 38% of the world’s netizens. For travel ...

Nov 2013 | US$1,200 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Global Cruise Briefing: The Calm After the Storm

Following a period of intensive discounting and low operational margins, cruise companies switched their businesses strategies to focus on value for money offers with great success in 2011 and 2012. This, coupled, with a growing presence in emerging ...

Oct 2013 | US$1,200 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Online Travel in the BRICS

Online travel sales are experiencing robust growth in all BRIC countries, favoured by rising disposable incomes and growing internet penetration, and by the advent of tech savvy middle classes longing to explore the world. Air bookings are currently ...

Oct 2013 | US$1,200 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

East Africa: Poised for Growth

Tourism arrivals to East Africa grew by 5% in 2012 and continued growth is expected over the forecast period. Good economic growth is bringing new source markets to East Africa, such as the BRICs, and rising disposable incomes and urbanisation are ...

Aug 2013 | US$1,200 | Add to cart | View details

Global Briefing

Forecast Revisit for the Global Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel industry confirmed its vitality in 2012, recording 4% growth in terms of international arrivals. Growth is expected to continue in the next five years and beyond, driven by the growing desire to explore the world among consumers across the...

Mar 2013 | US$1,200 | Add to cart | View details

Strategy Briefing

Still Pampering? Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Global Spa and Beauty Industry

As consumers become increasingly recession-weary, the need for pampering has never been greater. In a bid to look and feel good, consumers continue to indulge in the services of salons and spas while supplementing these with at-home beauty treatments...

Apr 2010 | US$2,600 | Add to cart | View details

Strategy Briefing

Big World: Impact of the Obesity Pandemic on Global Marketing Strategies

There are more than one billion overweight adults worldwide, at least 300 million of them obese. This heads up global sees how the lifestyle pandemic - obesity - is impacting consumer markets and how everyone from the food industry to transport ...

Jun 2008 | US$2,600 | Add to cart | View details

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