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Country Report

Non-Grocery Retailers in Algeria

Non-grocery retailers increased in value by 10% in 2012, while the number of outlets in the channel increased by 3%. The development of franchising, the inflation rate of 4% and the devaluation of the Algerian dinar all had an influence over sales in...

May 2013 | View details
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Country Report

Non-Grocery Retailers in Iran

Unit prices experienced several significant rises in 2012, which was a consequence of the high inflation rate and the decline in value of the national currency compared to the US dollar. Many consumers who had been accustomed to purchasing a wide ...

Mar 2013 | View details
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Global Briefing

Non-grocery Retailing in a Post-recessionary Environment

As the global economy recovers, the outlook for non-grocery retail is brightening, but after-effects remain. Slow growth and a shift to value limits prospects in some of the world's most advanced markets, but entry into faster growing but less ...

Dec 2009 | View details
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Strategy Briefing

Shopping for Pleasure: The Development of Shopping as a Leisure Pursuit

Shopping is the western world’s number one leisure activity, how is this determined and how does it manifest itself? This global report explores and charts the trend. Leisure shopping is most commonly associated with high street shops and shopping ...

May 2008 | View details
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