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Passport Consumer Trends and Lifestyles Western Europe

Sep 2010

US$16,000   Value: US$0

This online market research tool monitors consumer trends and gives you strategic analysis and a wealth of statistics about the attitudes and behaviour of consumers across all your key countries.

Passport is Euromonitor International’s global market analysis software platform, which analyses the industries, economies and consumer trends in countries around the world.

Consumer Trends and Lifestyles Western Europe Passport includes

  • Complete coverage of all key consumer trends
  • Reports by our local analysts analysing attitudes and behaviour in each country
  • Global reports identifying consumer megatrends playing out around the world
  • Analysis anticipating what the world of tomorrow will look like for your business
  • Long historic and forecast data series, comparable across countries

Why subscribe to this system?

  • The industry’s most respected global consumer research tool
  • Consumer profiling and segmentation
  • Brand management, positioning and future-proofing
  • Corporate planning, target-setting and company outlook
  • Market entry, opportunity/risk analysis

Delivery format

  • World-class market analysis tools
  • Interactive data, graphics and text content
  • Access for up to 10 users in a single location
  • Unlimited searches and downloads
  • Annual data updates, monthly and weekly comment

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