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Pet Care Forecast Revisit 2012: How Resilient Is the Global Market?

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Times are getting tough, again. Despite renewed economic uncertainty, the global pet care market continues to grow in 2012, with retail values approaching US$94 billion. Sales should continue to grow between 2012 and 2017, thanks to the strength of pet humanisation and emerging markets. However, retail value prospects have been downgraded compared to Euromonitor’s previous forecasts. This report examines the mounting socioeconomic challenges facing global pet care and how they can be overcome.

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  • Up-to-the minute analysis of the latest trends in the industry
  • New product development, forecasts and other themes
  • Unique graphics and illustrated case studies
  • Most recent brand and company news
  • New insight into the size and shape of the market

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  • Clear, concise powerpoint format makes it easy to digest
  • Leading industry opinion keeps you abreast of latest news and trends
  • Forward-looking outlook on a category, market or issue affecting the industry
  • Latest five year forecasts assess how the market is predicted to develop
  • Understand the competitive environment, the leading players and brands

Table of Contents



Objectives of global briefing

Key findings

Global Economic Prospects

2011 in review: Economic uncertainty amidst political instability

Global Economic prospects

2011 timeline of key economic and political events

Indebted economies dragging down global economic outlook

A dangerous mix: Inflation and unemployment on the rise

A mixed bag in store for 2012 and beyond?

IMF continues to downgrade global GDP outlook for 2013

Global Pet Care Outlook

Global pet care retail value growth prospects downgraded

Premium cat, economy dog food see biggest growth downgrades

In absolute terms, pet food sales remain far from disappointing

Cat treats: A relatively small but rapidly growing category

Indulgence and reward shows no signs of abating in dog treats

Dog food by price platform: Mid-price gaining ground

Shifting competitive landscape for premium dog food

Cat food by price platform: Mid-priced also making strong gains

Fussy eaters still deserve premium cat food

The rising prevalence of dry dog and cat food

Can wet dog and cat food staunch their continued losses?

Prepared gap: Measuring latent retail potential for dog and cat food

Only a minority of markets see prepared gap levels falling in 2012

Global pet population trends: Small(er) is beautiful

Pet Care Outlook In Developing Markets

Emerging markets are the future of global pet care

Brazil will increasingly drive global pet care market

Russia: Resilient pet care market with plenty of untapped potential

Mexico: Newest member of the top 10 markets by retail value

China: Domestic pet care market untouched by wider slowdown

Argentina: How much more can the fastest continue to grow?

Pet Care Outlook In Developed Markets

Pet care retail value outlook across developed markets

Added value versus value for money: What do consumers want?

US: Premiumisation being redefined by new consumer mindset

US: Internet retailing increasingly popular among pet parents

Japan: Despite stagnation, is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Australia: Increasingly frugal consumers constrain pet care outlook

Western Europe: Despite growth, pet care increasingly polarised

Greece: Falling off a cliff with no recovery in sight

Spain: The next (pet care) market to fall?

Spain: Private label gaining ground across pet care market

Germany: Rationality sustains stable performance for pet food

UK: Pet “parenthood” still strong despite double dip recession

Final Conclusions

Final conclusions: What does the future hold for global pet care?

Report Definitions

Report terminology

Product category definitions

Retail distribution definitions


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