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Country Report

Pet Care in Australia

Pet care in Australia in 2013 will see a slight improvement in value performance on the previous year, with the market growing by 3%. However, value growth remains below the average of the review period. Conversely, volume performance will see a ...

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Country Report

Dog Food in Australia

Humanisation of pets by their owners is the prevailing trend impacting the dog food category in Australia. Humanisation has seen pets treated like members of the family as consumers form a strong emotional bond with their animal. Humanisation has ...

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Country Report

Other Pet Food in Australia

Other pet food will increase by 1% in current value terms in 2013. The premiumisation trend present in dog food and cat food is also present within other pet food; this, along with growth in the other pet population, will contribute to value growth. ...

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Country Report

Pet Products in Australia

Humanisation of pets continues to drive value growth within pet products. Consumers want to offer their pets the best quality of life they can, and pet food has been an important aspect of this for some time, while pet products are also benefiting ...

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Country Report

Cat Food in Australia

The humanisation of cats is a long-established trend in Australian pet care. Cat food sales have benefited from this trend as consumers have opted for more premium offerings. In 2013, cat food in Australia will grow by 4% in current value terms. The ...

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