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Other Pet Food in Colombia

Other pet food is expected to see continued development in 2013 with no significant changes in trajectory. Sales growth in volume terms will continue to be moderate and very near to 2012 rates, while value sales will largely match growth in volumes ...

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Country Report

Pet Care in Colombia

In 2012 and at the beginning of 2013 Colombia witnessed the continuation of healthy growth of pet care. Throughout the review period to 2013, pet care has been boosted by a combination of GDP and consumption growth, together with lifestyle changes. ...

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Country Report

Pet Products in Colombia

In 2013, pet care products is expected to see a continuation of the moderate growth trends seen through 2012. In both years, category growth has continued to be in line with inflation rates, highlighting the impressive stability of the category.

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Country Report

Cat Food in Colombia

Cat food is likely to sustain its positive trajectory seen in 2012 into 2013. The category is small but is developing at a healthy pace, buoyed by strong economic growth and housing trends that continue to favour the growth of the cat population. ...

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Country Report

Dog Food in Colombia

Over the course of 2013, the positions of the major players in dog food are expected to see general continuity. Colombia has resisted the troubles plaguing Europe, and with no economic difficulties on the horizon, growth should continue to be largely...

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