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Executive Summary


  • Sales of smokeless tobacco were negligible in 2012 as there is only a small demand for these products in Slovakia and manufacturers focused instead on offering other tobacco products which were more profitable.


  • The situation with smokeless tobacco is not expected to change over the forecast period. It will not see any new launches that will increase sales significantly.

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Discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the Smokeless Tobacco industry in Slovakia with research from Euromonitor's team of in-country analysts.

Find hidden opportunities in the most current research data available, understand competitive threats with our detailed market analysis, and plan your corporate strategy with our expert qualitative analysis and growth projections.

If you're in the Smokeless Tobacco industry in Slovakia, our research will save you time and money while empowering you to make informed, profitable decisions.

The Smokeless Tobacco in Slovakia market research report includes:

  • Analysis of key supply-side and demand trends
  • Detailed segmentation of international and local products
  • Historic volumes and values, company and brand market shares
  • Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth
  • Production, imports by origin, exports by destination
  • Robust and transparent market research methodology, conducted in-country

Our market research reports answer questions such as:

  • What is the market size of Smokeless Tobacco in Slovakia?
  • What are the major brands in Slovakia?
  • What are the traditional types of smokeless tobacco available in Slovakia?
  • What is the product awareness of smokeless tobacco in Slovakia?
  • What innovations are present in smokeless tobacco in Slovakia?

Why buy this report?

  • Gain competitive intelligence about market leaders
  • Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats
  • Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions

This industry report originates from Passport, our Tobacco market research database.

Table of Contents

Smokeless Tobacco in Slovakia - Category Analysis





Tobacco in Slovakia - Industry Context


Tobacco sees slight growth in 2012

Low and ultra low tar cigarettes gain popularity in 2012

Phillip Morris Slovakia sro remains the leading company

Newsagent-tobacconists/kiosks and tobacco specialists are the only two important retail channels

Tobacco has uncertain prospects for the future



  • Summary 1 Legislation Summary at a Glance


EU directives

Smoking prevalence

Tar levels

Health warnings

Advertising and sponsorship

Point-of-sale Display Bans

Smoking in public places

Low ignition propensity (LIP) regulation

“Reduced harm”

Electronic cigarettes


Death by cause

  • Table 1 Death by Cause 2008-2012


Duty paid packet marks

Taxation rates

  • Table 2 Taxation and Duty Levies for Cigarettes 2007-2012
  • Table 3 Taxation and Duty Levies for Cigars/Cigarillos 2007-2012
  • Table 4 Taxation and Duty Levies for RYO Cut Tobacco2007-2012

Average cigarette pack price breakdown

  • Table 5 Average Cigarette Pack Price Breakdown: Brand Examples


Illicit trade in cigarettes


  • Table 6 Illicit Trade Estimate of Cigarettes: Volume 2007-2012


  • Table 7 Sales of Tobacco by Category: Volume 2007-2012
  • Table 8 Sales of Tobacco by Category: Value 2007-2012
  • Table 9 Sales of Tobacco by Category: % Volume Growth 2007-2012
  • Table 10 Sales of Tobacco by Category: % Value Growth 2007-2012
  • Table 11 Forecast Sales of Tobacco by Category: Volume 2012-2017
  • Table 12 Forecast Sales of Tobacco by Category: Value 2012-2017
  • Table 13 Forecast Sales of Tobacco by Category: % Volume Growth 2012-2017
  • Table 14 Forecast Sales of Tobacco by Category: % Value Growth 2012-2017


  • Summary 2 Research Sources


This market research report includes the following:

  • Smokeless Tobacco
    • Chewing Tobacco
      • Asian-Style Chewing Tobacco
      • US-Style Chewing Tobacco
      • Other Chewing Tobacco
    • Snuff
      • Moist Snuff
        • US-Style Moist Snuff ('Dip')
          • Loose US-Style Moist Snuff
          • Portion US-Style Moist Snuff
        • Swedish-Style Snus
          • Loose Swedish-Style Snus
          • Portion Swedish-Style Snus
        • Asian Style Creamy Snuff
      • Dry Snuff
      • Hard Snuff

Statistics Included

For each category and subcategory you will receive the following data in Excel format:

From Passport

  • Market Sizes
  • Distribution
  • Pricing

Market size details:

  • Retail volume
  • Retail volume % growth
  • Retail volume per capita
  • Retail value retail selling price % growth
  • Retail value retail selling price local currency, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY
  • Retail value retail selling price per capita local currency, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY


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