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Consumer Lifestyle

Consumer Lifestyles in Switzerland

Swiss consumers have not suffered as much as a result of the economic downturn, or more recently the eurozone crisis, compared to consumers in other Western European countries. Both annual disposable income and consumer expenditure continue to rise, ...

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Country Report

Luxury Goods in Switzerland

Despite ongoing economic insecurity throughout the world, the Swiss luxury goods industry once again proved its resilience by registering robust growth in 2012. There was an overriding sense of optimism for the industry as a whole, which was greatly ...

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Toys and Games in Switzerland

Traditional toys and games sales value increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2011, thanks to positive GDP growth, declining unemployment rate, continued product innovation and favourable demographic trends. On the contrary, although a new ...

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Country Report

Bags and Luggage in Switzerland

The high Swiss franc and resulting lower spending in Swiss retailing by consumers and tourists alike continued the downward trend in bags and luggage since 2010. The Swiss currency is very strong compared to the euro which is used in neighbouring ...

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Jewellery in Switzerland

Jewellery in Switzerland was influenced by several factors in 2012. First, the global slowdown and recession was already having a strong influence for several years. In Europe, the economic situation was unstable and unemployment increased in ...

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Country Report

Personal Accessories in Switzerland

Nonetheless the high Swiss franc, the growing fear of inflation and an economic recession in Swiss retailing, personal accessories in Switzerland experienced a timid value growth of 1%. The unfavourable market conditions and lower tourist numbers ...

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Country Report

Watches in Switzerland

Swiss watches experienced strong growth during the review period, driven by a high export rate of 95% of total watches production in Switzerland. In 2011, exports of Swiss watches reached CHF20.000 Million and created a landmark in remarkable growth....

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Country Report

Writing Instruments in Switzerland

Swiss writing instruments grew by 2% in 2012 driven by product innovations and sales of high luxury writing instruments. However, writing instruments did not see any significant growth in 2012 mainly due to product price increases. The high franc and...

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Country Report

Financial Cards and Payments in Switzerland

Financial cards saw robust overall growth during the review period as an increasing number of Swiss consumers continued to embrace plastic payment methods. With debit cards ubiquitous, credit cards had the best growth during the review period. A ...

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Country Report

Consumer Lending in Switzerland

Swiss interest rates remained at an all-time low in 2011 with the status quo expected to continue at least until autumn 2011. The sharp rise in the outstanding balance since 2010 correlated strongly with a prolonged dip in interest rates and this ...

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