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 Market Research for Switzerland

Euromonitor publishes reports on industries, consumers and demographics in Switzerland.

  • Industry specific reports offer insight into market size and market share in Switzerland; as well as industry trends in each specific industry.
  • The Consumer Lifestyles in Switzerland report examines national lifestyle habits, ranging from health and living standards, income and earning patterns, eating and drinking habits, to home ownership trends.
  • Switzerland in 2030: The Future Demographic contains information on long term population changes, population by gender, consumer segment: babies, infants, toddlers, children, tweenagers, teenagers, studying age, young-adults, middle-aged adults, and the elderly.

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Country Report

Health and Wellness Tourism in Switzerland

Health and wellness tourism was one of the most profitable and dynamic elements in tourism in Switzerland in 2012, despite high prices and competition from other European countries offering similar natural landscapes, such as Austria or Germany.

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Country Report

Tourism Flows Domestic in Switzerland

Domestic tourism in Switzerland in 2012 was negatively affected by unfavourable weather conditions, such as the wet and rainy summer and spring season and the late snow for the winter season, as well as the strong Swiss currency. However, slight ...

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Country Report

Tourism Flows Outbound in Switzerland

The Swiss population enjoys travelling aboard despite the euro crisis and increased unemployment rates in other European countries, Switzerland’s economy is growing at a stable rate and consumer confidence has risen. The Swiss currency remained ...

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Country Report

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

In 2012, stable growth of 2% in terms of visitor numbers represents a slight improvement over 2011, while the 3% rise in value sales is a significantly stronger performance.

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Country Report

Transportation in Switzerland

The transportation category posted current value growth at a CAGR of 5% over the review period, despite problems with the strong Swiss currency, the euro crisis and political instability in popular holiday destinations.

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Country Report

Travel Accommodation in Switzerland

The Swiss travel accommodation category was negatively affected by the continued strength of the Swiss currency over the review period. Visits by European guests declined in general, while long-haul tourists, notably from China and India, saw ...

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Country Report

Travel and Tourism in Switzerland

According to the Travel and Tourism Competitive Index (TTCI), Switzerland has the most competitive travel and tourism industry in the world. However, 2012 was full of challenges for the Swiss tourism category due to the remaining strength of the ...

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Country Report

Tourism Flows Inbound in Switzerland

As experienced in the previous three years, the unprecedented strength of the Swiss currency affected tourist arrivals to Switzerland in 2012 negatively. The consequently high prices for travel accommodation, food and beverages, as well as tourist ...

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Statistical Reference Handbook

European Marketing Data and Statistics 2014

Comparable demographic, economic and marketing statistics for 45 European countries presented in a concise, easy to understand format.

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Country Report

Colour Cosmetics in Switzerland

One of the main events that occurred in 2012 was the withdrawal of Nivea from colour cosmetics. Indeed, following a series of measures initiated by Beiersdorf to focus on its core business, the company decided to streamline its product portfolio by ...

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Statistical Reference Handbook

Statistical Reference Handbook

Statistical Reference Handbook