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The Pursuit of Pink Money: Gay and Lesbian Spending Patterns

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As the global recession drags on and most consumers remain cautious about spending, the pink dollar continues to thrive. The higher disposable incomes of gay and lesbian consumers, along with more relaxed attitudes towards gay culture around the world, is opening up a wealth of opportunities for companies to target this large and lucrative niche. This new Strategy Briefing examines the spending habits of the global gay community, current marketing strategies and recommended actions going forward

What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

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  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
  • Understand motivation
  • Forward-looking outlook
  • Briefings and presentation should provoke lively discussion at senior level
  • Take a step back from micro trends
  • Get up to date estimates and comment

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Table of Contents


Demand Factors

The Gay Consumer

  • Chart 1 Number of Potential Gay and Lesbian Consumers by Country 2009

Market Opportunities

Company Developments



Identifying Gay and Lesbian Consumers

Bisexuals and Transgendered People

Gay/LGBT Marketing



Gay rights vary significantly

From the most severe ...

... to the more liberal

American gays look to Obama for advancement

Argentina leads the way in Latin America

Progress in Western Europe

Eastern Europe lags behind

Gay adoption becoming more widespread

  • Summary 1 Gay Rights in Selected Countries 2009

Changing Attitudes Towards Homosexuality

Familiarity breeds tolerance

Rise in pink conferences

Younger generation more open

France – no questions asked

Germany – more liberal since 1998

Spain embraces gay community

Discrimination remains widespread in Eastern Europe

Attitudes relaxing throughout Asia

Gay Events

Gay Pride events

Sporting events and organisations

Gay Influence on "Metrosexuals"


Size of Market

Lack of statistics

Where is the market most developed?

Is the market growing?

  • Table 1 Estimated Number of Gay and Lesbian People in Selected Markets 2004/2009

Gay couples

Locations of gay communities

US cities with largest gay concentrations

  • Table 2 US Cities With Largest GLB Populations 2006

Spending Power of LGBT Consumers

The value of pink money

  • Chart 2 Purchasing Power of the US Gay and Lesbian Market 2003/2008/2011

An affluent consumer group

Higher incomes

The other side of the coin

Looking to the East

Coping with recession

  • Table 3 Impact of Recession on Spending Behaviour in the US, October 2008

Continued optimism


Market Segmentation

Not a homogeneous market

German study identifies five consumer types

US study reaches similar conclusion

  • Chart 3 US Gay and Lesbian Consumer Segmentation 2007

Gays and Lesbians: Two Distinct Markets

Gay men have higher incomes

Lesbians prefer a quieter life

Gay women more likely to be in a relationship

Unions considered as a good as marriage

  • Summary 2 Gay and Lesbian Trends in the UK 2005



Active lifestyles

  • Summary 3 Gay and Lesbian Lifestyle Trends 2007

Living arrangements

Gay marriage and home-making

Civil partnerships fall slightly in the UK

Gay parenting

Consumer Characteristics

Education and work

  • Table 4 Gay Employment and Education in the UK 2007

Attention to health and appearance

  • Table 5 Attitudes Towards Health and Fitness Among Gay Men 2007

Brand loyalty

Early adopters

Keen to network

Attitudes Towards the Environment

  • Table 6 Attitudes Towards Environmental Issues in the US in 2009

Gay Icons

Influence of the celebrity culture

Pop icons

Gay role models

Regional icons


Hunger for Media Consumption

Television Viewing

Higher subscription rates to cable and satellite

Dedicated TV channels

Print Media

Avid readers

Press advertisements are highly influential

Industry sees consolidation

Internet Usage

Gays spend longer on-line

Gay websites expand globally

  • Table 7 Gay Website Traffic 2007

Social networking gains pace

On-line/mobile phone usage

  • Chart 4 UK: Secondary Mobile Phone Use by Gay Consumers 2009



Leisure and luxury are key areas of expenditure

Pet foods and products

  • Table 8 The Global Market for Pet Products 2004/2009

Gay weddings open up new opportunities for marketers

The US market

  • Table 9 Top Purchasing and Expenditure Categories for Gay Men in the US 2007

The UK market

  • Table 10 Top Expenditure Categories for Gay and Lesbian Consumers in the UK 2008

Travel and Tourism

A thriving market

North America is largest market for gay travel

  • Summary 4 Top 10 Destinations Within the US for Gay and Lesbian Travellers 2009

US gay travellers are more intrepid

Canada develops as gay-friendly destination

European market remains buoyant

Gay hot spots in Latin America

Asia still underdeveloped

Gay-friendly travel companies

Overseas weddings – and babies too?

  • Summary 5 Gay-friendly Travel Companies 2009

Men's Grooming

A key growth area within cosmetics and toiletries

Market fuelled by value-added skin care products

Metrosexual trend driving growth in BRIC markets

  • Table 11 The Global Market for Men's Grooming Products 2004/2009

Alcoholic Drinks

Higher incidence of smoking and drinking

Market affected by recession

  • Table 12 The Global Market for Alcoholic Drinks 2004/2009



Gay-friendly Companies

High level of support from gay community

The most gay-friendly companies

  • Chart 5 Companies Perceived to Be Gay-friendly in the US 2008

Anti-gay reaction

Less Gay-friendly Companies

  • Chart 6 Companies/Brands Perceived to Be Least Gay-friendly in the US 2008

Gay-friendly Policies

Gay-only brands

Dedicated marketing teams


The launch of limited-edition brands

LGBT-friendly Companies: Case Studies

Levi Strauss



Harrah's Entertainment

MAC Cosmetics

Advertising Trends


Print media

  • Chart 7 Ad Spending in Gay and Lesbian Publications in the US 2003-2006

On-line media

Who advertises in gay media?

  • Summary 6 Consistent Advertisers Through Gay Media in the US 2009

Types of advertising

Advertising awards

Marketing agencies


Trends to Watch

Attitudes will become more relaxed

Gays will remain an affluent niche

More legislative changes on the way

China holds potential

Information is power

New ways of reaching the market

Consumer Market Opportunities

New markets to explore

Growth of gay travel

Potential in men's toiletries


Careful planning required

One size does not fit all

Getting the right balance

  • Summary 7 Gay Marketing: Opportunities and Recommendations


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