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The War on Meat: How Low-meat and No-meat Diets are Impacting Consumer Markets

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With health, sustainability, religious and animal welfare issues giving meat a bad name and driving up prices, Western consumers are cutting back on their meat consumption, either by fully embracing vegetarianism/veganism or by adopting a pescetarian, “flexitarian” or vegetable-oriented diet. This new global report examines the ways in which low-meat diets are affecting various consumer markets such as fresh foods, meat-free ready meals, vitamins and dietary supplements, and what the future hold

What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

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  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
  • Understand motivation
  • Forward-looking outlook
  • Briefings and presentation should provoke lively discussion at senior level
  • Take a step back from micro trends
  • Get up to date estimates and comment

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Table of Contents


Factors affecting meat consumption

Consumer Market Trends

  • Chart 1 Leading Markets for Meat Alternatives 2010


  • Summary 1 Opportunities for Manufacturers of Meat-free Foods



Types of diet

Meat-free diets

Low-meat diets

Meat substitutes

Soya meat

Wheat gluten




Vegetable fibres


Growth of vegetarianism

Food scares prompt more consumers to make the change

Number of vegetarians by country

India has largest non meat-eating community

Vegetarianism rare in China and Japan

Germany, Italy and Switzerland lead the way in Europe...

...but France lags behind

Vegetarianism grows rapidly in US

  • Table 1 Estimated Number of Vegetarians by Country 2010

Improved labelling systems

Celebrity influence

Celebrities support Meatless Mondays campaign

The Oprah Winfrey Show goes vegan for a month

Celebrity chef power in the UK

Ethical concerns

The case against factory farming

Consumer power brings about change

Religious issues

Hindus and Jains are strictly vegetarian

Some Buddhists encouraged to avoid meat

  • Table 2 Selected Religions by Country 2010

Growing Muslim population drives market for lamb

Distribution of halal meat hampered by controversy

Asda introduces halal concessions in UK

Foodservice offers halal options

Kosher meat

Healthy eating trends

The meat controversy

Beneficial in moderation

Health implications of a non-meat diet

The meat industry fights back

Sustainability issues

The problems of factory farming

Depleting fish stocks

EU fishing reform

The legacy of Japan’s earthquake

Sustainability and plant-based foods

Food safety issues

From BSE to H1N1

E. coli and salmonella scares

Hormone-free beef

Vegetables also hit

Economic issues

Rising incomes make meat more affordable in emerging markets

  • Table 3 Annual Disposable Incomes Per Household in Selected Countries 2005/2010

Rising meat prices

UK supermarkets use mince as loss leader

  • Table 4 Retail Price Indices of Fresh Foods in Key Markets 2005-2010

Industry consolidation within vegetarian foods

Meat-free market goes mainstream

Kellogg leads the way in the US

Hain Celestial gains international presence

Quorn dominates UK market

Dutch companies at the forefront of meat-free developments

Israeli-based Tivall key player in meat-free kosher foods

Asian meat-free companies focus on tofu-based foods

Ready meal producers introduce meat-free options

  • Summary 2 Selected Producers of Meat Substitutes 2011

Wider availability of vegetarian food

Retailers step up offer

Foodservice introduces more meat-free options

Winners in the US

UK restaurants get creative

Fast food becomes more veggie-friendly

Fast food outlets under pressure from NGOs

Gearing up for Indian expansion

Non-commercial foodservice


Fresh food overview

Meat and vegetables growth lags behind

Demand for convenience

Health trend boosts sales of fruits, nuts and pulses

Fish takes share from meat due to healthier image

Pulses gain importance as protein source

All sectors hit by food safety scandals

  • Chart 2 Growth Index of Global Fresh Foods by Volume 2005-2010


Sales by sector

  • Table 5 Global Sales of Meat by Sector 2005/2010

Sales by country

  • Table 6 Global Sales of Fresh Meat by Country 2005/2010

Fish and seafood

Sales by sector

  • Table 7 Global Sales of Fish and Seafood by Sector 2005/2010

Asia-Pacific leads in fish consumption

Sales stagnate in North America and Europe

  • Table 8 Sales of Fish and Seafood in Selected Countries 2005/2010

Fruit and vegetables

Sales by sector

  • Table 9 Global Sales of Fruits, Vegetables and Starchy Roots by Sector 2005/2010

China continues to lead global consumption

High prices and convenience hinder the growth of greens

Bananas lead growth in fruits

Fresh potatoes lose out to more convenient alternatives

  • Table 10 Sales of Fruits, Vegetables and Starchy Roots in Selected Countries 2005/2010

Nuts and pulses

Sales by sector

  • Table 11 Global Sales of Nuts and Pulses by Sector 2005/2010

Brazilians eat the most pulses

Walnuts benefit from healthy positioning

  • Table 12 Sales of Nuts and Pulses in Selected Countries 2005/2010

Meat substitutes

Market remains niche

Soy-based products show strongest growth

New product development boosts sales

Companies step up marketing efforts

  • Table 13 Global Retail Sales of Meat Alternatives by Sector 2005/2010
  • Table 14 Retail Sales of Meat Alternatives in Selected Countries 2005/2010

Vegetarian ready meals

  • Chart 3 Global Retail Sales of Vegetarian Ready Meals by Sector 2005/2010

Sales of vegetarian ready meals by country

  • Table 15 Retail Sales of Frozen Vegetarian Ready Meals by Country 2005/2010
  • Table 16 Sales of Chilled Vegetarian Ready Meals by Country 2005/2010
  • Table 17 Sales of by Canned/Preserved Vegetarian Ready Meals by Country 2005/2010

Vitamins and dietary supplements

The need to supplement a non-meat diet

Market boosted by growing concern over health prevention

Protein supplements replace meat

  • Table 18 Global Retail Sales of Vitamins and Dietary Supplements by Sector 2005/2010

US and Japan form largest markets

  • Table 19 Retail Sales of Non-herbal Dietary Supplements in Selected Countries 2005/2010



Trends in fresh food consumption

Food safety of paramount importance to consumers

Pork dominates meat consumption

  • Chart 4 China: Consumption of Fresh Foods by Type 2005/2010

Extent of vegetarianism


Trends in fresh food consumption

  • Chart 5 France: Consumption of Fresh Foods by Type 2005/2010

Extent of vegetarianism

  • Chart 6 France: Vegetarian Statistics 2010


Trends in fresh food consumption

E. coli scare likely to hit vegetable sales further in 2011

  • Chart 7 Germany: Consumption of Fresh Foods by Type 2005/2010

Extent of vegetarianism

  • Chart 8 Germany: Vegetarian Statistics 2010


Trends in fresh food consumption

Lack of cold facilities hampers growth

  • Chart 9 India: Consumption of Fresh Foods by Type 2005/2010

Extent of vegetarianism

  • Chart 10 India: Vegetarian Statistics 2010


Trends in fresh food consumption

Fish dominates sales, but meat showing stronger growth

  • Chart 11 Japan: Consumption of Fresh Foods by Type 2005/2010

Extent of vegetarianism

  • Chart 12 Japan: Vegetarian Statistics 2010


Trends in fresh food consumption

  • Chart 13 UK: Consumption of Fresh Foods by Type 2005/2010

Extent of vegetarianism


Established market for meat alternatives

  • Chart 14 UK: Vegetarian Statistics 2010


Trends in meat consumption

Fruits gain share at the expense of vegetables

  • Chart 15 US: Consumption of Fresh Foods by Type 2005/2010

Extent of vegetarianism

  • Table 20 Consumption of Animal-derived Products Among US Adults 2009

Youth market shows similar trends

  • Table 21 Consumption of Animal-derived Products Among US Youths 2010

Meat reducers on the rise

Well established meat-free market

  • Chart 16 US: Vegetarian Statistics 2010


Trends in fresh food consumption

The vegetable divide

Meat sales will continue to rise gradually

Pulses and nuts to see strongest growth

Focus on improving food safety

Buying local

  • Table 22 Forecast Sales of Fresh Foods by Sector 2010/2015

The need to promote a varied diet

Greater demand for quality

In vitro meat – a solution for the future?

Meat-free developments

Further growth predicted for vegetarians and meat-reducers

Meat-free to go mainstream

Competition among meat-free brands will intensify

Differentiating the offer is key

Potential in emerging markets

  • Chart 17 Forecast Retail Sales of Meat Alternatives 2010/2015


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