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Executive Summary


  • Since the deep impact of the international financial crisis was yet to end as at the end of the review period, arrivals in China recorded a decline of 3% in 2013 in terms of the number of inbound trips. The financial crisis resulted in weaker job security in Western countries, which led to tighter budgets for the residents of those countries. Neighbouring countries, such as India and Thailand, relaxed their visa policies and this led to even-greater competition and posed a strong threat to China’s tourism industry, as Western visitors were sometimes choosing those countries where the prices of commodities were much lower than in China. Moreover, the serious air pollution in China, especially in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, also deterred inbound visitors. In addition, impacted by the tense situation between China and Japan, arrivals from Japan fell sharply by 15% in 2013.


  • Inbound tourism in China is expected to record rising year-on-year growth from 2015 onwards after reaching a low point in 2013 in terms of inbound arrivals, with numbers growing at a CAGR of 2% for inbound arrivals and at a CAGR of 3% at constant 2013 prices for incoming tourist receipts. With stronger efforts from the China National Tourism Administration to promote the country as an attractive destination to foreign tourists by optimising facilities such as transport, China’s inbound tourism is set to recover. The new tourism law launched in late 2013 is also set to improve standardisation within China’s tourism industry, in order to realise modernisation and industrialisation of China’s tourism industry. Furthermore, more emphasis will be put on finding solutions to current problems, including severe air pollution and more-careful planning with regard to tourist attractions and travel agencies over the forecast period.

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The Tourism Flows Inbound in China market research report includes:

  • Analysis of key supply-side and demand trends
  • Historic volumes and values
  • Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth
  • Robust and transparent market research methodology, conducted in-country

Our market research reports answer questions such as:

  • What is the market size of Tourism Flows Inbound in China?
  • How successful is China in attracting international visitors?
  • What are the leading inbound source markets?
  • What do international visitors spend their money on?

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This industry report originates from Passport, our Travel And Tourism market research database.

Table of Contents

Tourism Flows Inbound in China - Category Analysis





  • Table 1 Arrivals by Country of Origin: Number of Trips 2008-2013
  • Table 2 Arrivals by Mode of Transport: Number of Trips 2008-2013
  • Table 3 Arrivals by Purpose of Visit: Number of Trips 2008-2013
  • Table 4 Business Arrivals by MICE Penetration: Number of Trips 2008-2013
  • Table 5 Leisure Arrivals by Type: % Trips 2008-2013
  • Table 6 Incoming Tourist Receipts by Geography: Value 2008-2013
  • Table 7 Incoming Tourist Receipts by Category: Value 2008-2013
  • Table 8 Method of Payment for Incoming Tourist Receipts: % Value 2008-2013
  • Table 9 Forecast Arrivals by Country of Origin: Number of Trips 2013-2018
  • Table 10 Forecast Arrivals by Mode of Transport: Number of Trips 2013-2018
  • Table 11 Forecast Arrivals by Purpose of Visit: Number of Trips 2013-2018
  • Table 12 Forecast Incoming Tourist Receipts by Geography: Value 2013-2018

Travel and Tourism in China - Industry Context


Strong growth supported by a growing need for relaxation and exposure to foreign cultures

Decelerating economy and anti-corruption policies underpin the slowdown in growth

Investments, mergers and acquisitions consolidate the leading positions of top players

Retail offline sales still dominate while online sales enjoy buoyant growth

Upbeat outlook for travel and tourism over the forecast period


  • Summary 1 China: SWOT


  • Table 13 Leave Entitlement: Volume 2008-2013
  • Table 14 Seasonality of Trips: % Breakdown 2008-2013


  • Table 15 Balance of Tourism Payments: Value 2008-2013


  • Summary 2 Research Sources


This market research report includes the following:

  • Tourism Flows Inbound
    • Arrivals
      • Arrivals from Australia
      • Arrivals from Canada
      • Arrivals from France
      • Arrivals from Germany
      • Arrivals from Hong Kong, China
      • Arrivals from India
      • Arrivals from Indonesia
      • Arrivals from Italy
      • Arrivals from Japan
      • Arrivals from Macau
      • Arrivals from Malaysia
      • Arrivals from Mongolia
      • Arrivals from Philippines
      • Arrivals from Russia
      • Arrivals from Singapore
      • Arrivals from South Korea
      • Arrivals from Taiwan
      • Arrivals from Thailand
      • Arrivals from United Kingdom
      • Arrivals from USA
      • Other Countries Of Origin
    • Arrivals by Mode of Transport
      • Air Arrivals
        • Business Air Arrivals
        • Leisure Air Arrivals
      • Land Arrivals
        • Business Land Arrivals
        • Leisure Land Arrivals
      • Rail Arrivals
        • Business Rail Arrivals
        • Leisure Rail Arrivals
      • Sea Arrivals
        • Business Sea Arrivals
        • Leisure Sea Arrivals
    • Arrivals by Purpose of Visit
      • Business Arrivals
        • Business Air Arrivals
        • Business Land Arrivals
        • Business Rail Arrivals
        • Business Sea Arrivals
      • Leisure Arrivals
        • Leisure Air Arrivals
        • Leisure Land Arrivals
        • Leisure Rail Arrivals
        • Leisure Sea Arrivals

Statistics Included

For each category and subcategory you will receive the following data in Excel format:

From Passport

  • Market Sizes
  • Analysis by Type
  • International Arrivals by Core City
  • MICE penetration

Market size details:

  • Number of trips
  • Number of trips % growth
  • Number of trips per capita


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