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Value Redefined? Finding a Winning Formula in the Midst of Economic Downturn

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One year on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, consumer confidence is improving. However, with continued pressures on disposable incomes, consumer spending is not expected to return to pre-recession levels in some countries for the foreseeable future. Should companies focus on offering value for money or have consumer notions of value undergone a longer-term change in the wake of the recession? This reports considers whether a “new normal” now exists and what this means for FMCG.

What this report includes

  • Up-to-the minute analysis of the latest trends in the industry
  • New product development, forecasts and other themes
  • Unique graphics and illustrated case studies
  • Most recent brand and company news
  • New insight into the size and shape of the market

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  • Clear, concise powerpoint format makes it easy to digest
  • Leading industry opinion keeps you abreast of latest news and trends
  • Forward-looking outlook on a category, market or issue affecting the industry
  • Latest five year forecasts assess how the market is predicted to develop
  • Understand the competitive environment, the leading players and brands

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Table of Contents

Finding A Winning Formula In The Midst Of Economic Downturn

Scope of the Report

Executive Summary

Key Findings: The Macro View

Key Findings: The Macro View

How Will the Recovery Look?

One Year On, The Trough Has Been Reached

The Shape of Things to Come

Winners and Losers

Prospects for Growth

Drivers and Challenges of the Recovery

The Bad News

Bad News: Advanced Economies Feeling the Pinch

Steepest Increase in OECD Unemployment in Post-war Period

Some Countries Fare Better Than Others

Global Labour Prospects Are Weak

The Weight of Debt

Hidden Debtors

Wealth Destruction

Incomes in Some Countries Will Be Slow To Rebound and Savings Will Rise

The Net Effect? A Big Squeeze on Spending

The Good News

Good News: Emerging Economies Show More Resilience

Economic Growth Rebounds

Labour Markets Will Recover More Quickly

The Debt Burden is Low

Income Will Show More Resilience

But in Emerging Markets Spending Will Continue To Climb

What is the Near-Term Outlook?

Can China Replace the USA as Engine of Global Consumption?

Can Emerging Markets Take Up the Slack?

A Fragile Recovery Driven by Emerging Markets

Looking to the Future

Key Findings: Food and Beverages

Key Findings: Food and Beverages

Global Packaged Food Retail Volume Performance

Global Beverages Total Volume Performance

What is Happening to Frozen Food?

Global Consumer Spend on Packaged Food and Beverages

Value-Minded Retail Formats Expanding

Manipulating Pack Sizes to Drive Retail Value Sales

Shrinking Pack Sizes a Winning Strategy in Brazil…

…With Even Greater Health and Wellness Potential

Opportunities for Higher Margins in India and China

Changing Consumer Attitudes on Meal Solutions

Consumers Trade Down Worldwide in 2009…

Global Consumer Preferences for Meal Solutions

Consumers Trading Down Worldwide in 2009…

…but a Fundamental Shift in Consumer Spending?

Are People Still Going Out?

Replicating Bar/Restaurant Experience at Home

Limited Prospects for US Foodservice Pizza

Replicating Restaurant Experience at Home

Replicating Bar Experience at Home

“Cocooning” Grips Developed Markets

Cocooning in Western Europe Constrains On-Trade…

…but On-trade Proves More Resilient in Rest of World

Are Ethical and Healthy Options Still Viable?

Ethical Food and Beverages Taking Centre Stage

Finding Value With Ethical Products

Cadbury Continues To Redefine Ethical Value

How Are Consumers Finding Wellbeing?

Consumers Prioritise Health Over Value For Money

The Global Obesity Epidemic

Danone : The Original Health and Wellness Company

Danone : Successful Product Portfolio

Danone : Other Health and Wellness Innovations

Value For Money Versus Health and Wellbeing

Danone Grows Global Yoghurt Share Ahead of Rivals

Can People Afford to Aspire?

What Does it Mean for Consumers to Aspire Now?

It’s Not Just Food and Beverages, it’s My Lifestyle

Redefining “Quality” in Global Chewing Gum

Why Does Kraft Really Want to Buy Cadbury?

Key Findings: Non-Food Markets

Key Findings: Non-Food Markets

A Global Shift in Value?

Retail Sales: Falling Globally?

A Global Shift in Value?

Retail Sales by Channel: Department vs Discount Stores

Channel Performance: Developed vs Developing

CT Growth Slows, Premium Slower Still

Category Growth: Developed Markets

How Value Plays Out in Cosmetics and Toiletries

The Value Challenge to Brands

And “Soft Landings” Work in Skin Care

Case Study: Olay Soft Landings and Tiered Pricing

Masstige : Key Insights

Do Similar Values Apply in Home Care?

Tide Basic: How Value Plays Out at Home

Tide Basic: The Risks

Health in the Emerging Hierarchy of Values

Tiered Pricing in Health?

Does Austerity Trump Consumer Health Concerns?

Where Are Consumers Looking To Save Money?

Value in Developing Markets

The View From China

Olay Pro-X in China

Value Enters Department Stores in China

Brazil: Millions Seeking to Aspire

Sentiment Strengthening in Brazil

A “New Normal”?

Temporary or Long Term? The German Experience

Will The German Model Transfer?

The German Model: Further Insights

Recession: “A Recruiting Ground” For Discounters

Move to Value, Temporary or Long Term?

Free is the New “F Word”



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