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Australian market for water transport services reaches value of A$5.1 billion in 2012 following 13% average annual growth over review period. Local industry sees turnover of A$4.6 billion in 2012 – a 79% increase on 2007. Workforce in industry increases 23% over 2007-2012, with 11,000 people working in the water transport industry in Australia in the latter year. Australia becomes a hub for cruise ships. Industry’s output predicted to see 7% CAGR over 2013-2018 to reach A$6.9 billion.

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This Euromonitor industrial report provides unique data and analysis of Water Transport in Australia: ISIC 61. With this industrial report, you’ll be able to explore in detail the entire industry from its sources of supply to its buyers. 

The Water Transport in Australia: ISIC 61 report includes:

  • Qualitative analysis of key industry trends and future developments in Australia
  • Analysis of market growth and industry performance
  • Industry data including production data, imports, exports, industry buyers, suppliers, cost structure, bargaining power and profitability
  • Attractiveness index that measures industry performance in both stable and challenging economic conditions
  • Analysis of suppliers to the industry
  • Analysis of buyers from the industry

The report will answer questions such as:

  • What is the turnover of the industry?
  • How much have salary levels changed over the last decade?
  • What is the industry costs structure?
  • How profitable is this industry?
  • Who are the key customers of this industry?
  • How many people are employed in the industry?
  • What is the bargaining power of the industry with its suppliers and customers?
  • How important are large enterprises in the industry?

Why buy this report?

  • Understand the structure of the industry from suppliers to buyers
  • Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats
  • Benchmark performance against industry averages
  • Identify growth opportunities

This industrial report originates from Passport our global market research database.  Passport Industrial is a breakthrough economic research solution that analyses the industrial makeup of the largest economies in the world. It provides a strategic assessment of every industry and explains the complex relationships between them.

Table of Contents



Competitive Landscape


Industry Overview

  • Table 1 Key Industry Indicators 2007–2012
  • Table 2 Key Industry Indicators: Annual Growth 2008–2012
  • Chart 1 Production vs Nominal GDP 1997–2018
  • Chart 2 Producer Volume Index vs Producer Price Index 1997–2012

Industry Sectors

  • Table 3 Production by Sector: Value 2007–2012
  • Table 4 Production by Sector: Annual Growth 2008–2012
  • Table 5 Production by Sector: Share of Total 2007–2012
  • Chart 3 Industry Sectors’ Growth Indices 1997–2018


  • Table 6 Number of Companies by Employment Size 2007–2012
  • Table 7 Number of Companies by Employment Size: Annual Growth 2008–2012
  • Table 8 Number of Companies by Employment Size: Share of Total 2007–2012
  • Table 9 Production by Employment Size 2007–2012
  • Table 10 Production by Employment Size: Annual Growth 2008–2012
  • Table 11 Production by Employment Size: Share of Total 2007–2012
  • Table 12 Industry Leaders: Company Production Shares in 2010

Import and Export

  • Table 13 Import and Export 2007–2012
  • Chart 4 Import vs Export Growth 1997-2012

Market and Buyers

  • Table 14 Key Market Indicators 2007–2012
  • Table 15 Key Market Indicators: Annual Growth 2008–2012


  • Table 16 Households: Key Statistics 2007–2012
  • Chart 5 Household Expenditure on Water Transport vs GDP 1997–2018
  • Chart 6 Household Expenditure on Water Transport vs Population 1997–2018


  • Table 17 Supply Structure 2007–2012
  • Table 18 Supply Structure: Annual Growth 2008–2012
  • Table 19 Supply Structure:Share of Total 2007–2012

Labour Costs

  • Table 20 Key Statistics 2007–2012
  • Chart 7 Number of Employees vs Average Salary 1997–2012
  • Chart 8 Output per Employee vs Average Salary 1997–2012

Industry Attractiveness Index

  • Table 21 Attractiveness Index Composition
  • Chart 9 Attractiveness Index of Water Transport Among Other Australia Industries
  • Chart 10 Binary Diagram of Attractiveness Index

Attractiveness Index: Explanation

Future Outlook

  • Table 22 Forecasts 2013–2018


Water Transport

Inland Water Transport

Sea and Coastal Transport


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