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Statistical Reference Handbook

Who Eats What

Jan 2011


About this book

Identify how food choices differ from country to country

As the title of this book suggests, Who Eats What is a useful starting point for identifying how food consumption trends differ across countries.  It presents detailed statistics on the most popular fresh and packaged food categories worldwide.  27 broad food sectors are researched ranging from meat and seafood to pasta and frozen food.  Buy this book and you have access to the same research that leading food retailers and manufacturers rely on.  Look inside Who Eats What

Who Eats What includes

  •  Thousands of food consumption statistics in one affordable volume
  • Data for 52 countries which can be compared over 6 years (2003-2009)
  • Volume and value market size data*, percentage (%) change and per capita figures *Value data presented in local currency and US$
  • Leading brands and their brand share (2009)
  • Key socio-economic indicators to help put consumption trends into context
  • Unique world food consumption rankings

Fresh food categories researched

Meat; Beef and veal; Lamb, mutton and goat; Pork; Poultry; Fish and seafood; Fish; Crustaceans; Molluscs and cephalopods; Pulses; Beans; Peas; Vegetables; Tomatoes; Onions; Starchy roots; Potatoes; Cassava; Sweet potatoes; Fruits; Oranges, tangerines and mandarins; Lemon and limes; Bananas; Apples; Pineapples; Grapes; Cranberries/blueberries; Pears/quinces; Grapefruit/pomelo; Cherries; Peaches/nectarines; Plums/sloes; Strawberries

Packaged food categories researched

Confectionery; Chocolate confectionery; Sugar confectionery; Gum; Bakery products; Bread; Pastries; Cakes; Biscuits; Breakfast cereals; Ice cream; Impulse ice cream; Take-home ice cream; Frozen yoghurt; Artisanal ice cream; Dairy products; Drinking milk products; Cheese; Yoghurt; Sweet and savoury snacks; Fruit snacks; Chips/crisps; Extruded snacks; Tortilla/corn chips; Popcorn; Pretzels; Nuts; Ready meals; Canned/preserved ready meal; Frozen ready meals; Dried ready meals; Chilled ready meals; Dinner mixes; Frozen pizza; Chilled pizza; Prepared salads; Soup; Canned/preserved soup; Dehydrated soup; Instant soup; Chilled soup; UHT soup; Frozen soup; Pasta; Canned/preserved pasta; Dried pasta; Chilled/fresh pasta; Noodles; Plain noodles; Instant noodles; Chilled noodles; Frozen noodles; Snack noodles; Canned/preserved food; Canned/preserved meat and meat products; Canned/preserved fish/seafood; Canned/preserved vegetables; Canned/preserved tomatoes; Canned/preserved beans; Canned/preserved fruit; Canned/preserved ready meals; Canned/preserved soup; Canned/preserved pasta; Frozen processed food; Frozen processed red meat; Frozen processed poultry; Frozen processed fish/seafood; Frozen processed vegetables; Frozen meat substitutes; Frozen processed potatoes; Frozen bakery products; Frozen desserts; Frozen ready meals; Frozen pizza; Frozen soup; Frozen noodles; Dried processed food; Rice; Dessert mixes; Dried ready meals; Dehydrated soup; Instant soup; Dried pasta; Plain noodles; Instant noodles; Chilled processed food; Chilled processed meats; Chilled processed fish/seafood products; Chilled lunch kit; Fresh cut fruit; Chilled ready meals; Chilled pizza; Prepared salads; Chilled soup; Chilled/fresh pasta; Chilled noodles; Oils and fats; Olive oil; Vegetable and seed oil; Cooking fats; Butter; Margarine; Spreadable oils and fats; Sauces, dressings and condiments; Tomato pastes and purées; Bouillon/stock cubes; Herbs and spices; Monosodium glutamate (MSG); Table sauces; Soy based sauces; Pasta sauces; Wet/cooking sauces; Dry sauces/powder mixes; Ketchup; Mayonnaise; Mustard; Salad dressings; Vinaigrettes; Dips; Pickled products; Baby food; Milk formula; Prepared baby food; Dried baby food; Spreads; Jams and preserves; Honey; Chocolate spreads; Nut-based spreads; Yeast-based spreads; Snack bars; Granola/muesli bars; Breakfast bars; Energy bars; Fruit bars; Meal replacement products; Meal replacement slimming products; Convalescence products

Countries researched

Argentina; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Brazil; Bulgaria; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Egypt; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Malaysia; Mexico; Morocco; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Slovakia; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; Turkey; Ukraine; United Kingdom; USA; Venezuela; Vietnam

Why buy this book

  • Uniquely comprehensive food consumption data in one volume
  • Data presented in easy to read tables and comparable across countries
  • Ideal for company or academic libraries
  • Euromonitor consults thousands of sources to research this data saving your research time

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