Executive Summary

Apr 2018
100% home delivery/takeaway players offering sushi gain popularity

After having been almost non-existent in the country up until the mid-2000s, sushi has become increasingly popular in Argentina in recent years. Initially, the availability of sushi was largely confined to more expensive full-service restaurants with skilled chefs of Japanese origin.

Pedidosya.com continues to perform well in Argentina

Third party online food ordering and delivery service Pedidosya.com was launched in Uruguay in 2009.

Some 100% home delivery/takeaway outlets introduce small seating areas

In recent years, some 100% home delivery/takeaway outlets in Argentina have started to provide small seating areas for customers who prefer to quickly eat their food on the premises instead of taking it back to their workplaces or homes. This trend is mainly visible in the interior of the country.

Chains with lower prices expand strongly in 2017

Given the economic downturn, the chains that showed the fastest growth in outlet numbers within 100% home delivery/takeaway in 2017 were mainly those offering the cheapest prices. These included Las Medialunas del Abuelo, which offers bakery products, Tercera Docena, which offers empanadas, and La Nonna, which sells cakes and sandwiches.

Sushi Pop and Che Sushi step up promotional activities

Sushi Pop and Che Sushi are the two largest 100% home delivery/takeaway chains specialising in sushi in the greater Buenos Aires area. These chains were founded with the aim of making sushi more affordable and accessible to Argentinians, a strategy that has helped both to thrive.

International chains remain absent from 100% home delivery/takeaway

Only local operators were present in 100% home delivery/takeaway in Argentina in 2017, with international chains remaining absent. A number of major international chains were present in the country during the 1990s, including Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, but subsequently withdrew due to poorer than expected results and the negative impact of the prolonged economic crisis.

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