Executive Summary

Apr 2018
Pizza and sushi/rolls are favoured delivered foods in Ukraine

According to surveys and experts from Eda.ua, the most popular dishes ordered via 100% home delivery/takeaway in 2017 were pizza, sushi, rolls, shashlik and Asian food such as Udon noodles.

Competition between 100% home delivery/takeaway and retail intensifying

Retail chains, which often use the home delivery option, offer not only products, but also prepared dishes from their in-house culinary, bakery or other dedicated departments. It is highly convenient for Ukrainians who like to cook (order some fresh/raw products from grocery retailers) but do not always have time for it to combine a typical order of goods from the grocery retailer with some culinary/ready to eat meals.

Independent companies will continue to dominate 100% home delivery/takeaway

Independent 100% home delivery/takeaway companies will continue to dominate over the forecast period. Most delivery companies are located in big cities and it is difficult to deliver hot pizza or other dishes to villages or suburban districts.

Russian Dodo Pizza plans to operate in Ukraine

Russian player Dodo Pizza announced its plans to open a chain of outlets in Ukraine in 2018. It will initially open in medium-sized cities and, once successful, it intends to expand into larger cities as well as small towns.

Expansive choice and free delivery are sales drivers

100% home delivery/takeaway companies are expanding their range of dishes in different ways – from offering a selection of dishes from many different foodservice outlets (even a combination) and loyalty programs/cards to delivery products from retail as a non-core business. This strategy proves to be successful due to some important reasons; free delivery encourages customers to order more than usual each time; the large choice of dishes as well as products from shops in one click or call; saving money and time.

Unit price level and low margins will be successful strategy

The margin of delivery companies depends on the final foodservice outlet’s price and customer’s purchase. Delivery companies can offer free delivery, extra bonuses and loyalty cards.

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