4 Key Global Trends for Packaging in Beauty and Personal Care

December 2016

Beauty and personal care packaging continues to see good volume growth through increasing demand for toiletries in developing countries, where consumers are moving away from unpackaged traditional products. Finding the right combination of pack type and pack size to offer an acceptable price point is key in these markets, while the focus is on packaging innovations in developed markets, where consumers’ demand tends towards added functionality and greener packaging.

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Toiletries continue to dominate volumes of packaging

Within beauty and personal care, toiletries remain the largest generator of packaging volumes, led by bath and shower, hair care and oral care. While the main pack types for these applications, rigid plastic and flexible packaging, largely dominate beauty packaging, baby and child-specific as well as premium beauty products offer strong prospects for growth.

Growth opportunities in developing regions thanks to changing habits

In developing countries, demographic factors such as rising disposable income or urbanisation as well as change in legislation are impacting product consumption and therefore packaging, with consumers slowly moving away from single-use flexible plastic and increasingly adopting HDPE bottles and squeezable plastic tubes.

Value continue to be a key purchasing criteria

Globally, consumers continue to chose smaller pack sizes for immediate affordability in essential toiletries but also in discretionary products such as premium fragrances. Family sizes and alternative pack types such as pouches offer value too.

More functional packaging in developing countries

Consumers being more nomadic, brand owners have to respond to their needs offering beauty products with pack sizes that fit their bags or airport security but also products that offer ease of dispensing (such as lotion pumps and aerosols) and that can be applied on the go.

Towards greener packaging

With consumers increasingly aware of the impact of packaging globally, brand owners are more and more active offering greener packaging, from using recycled plastics to lighter packaging, compressed deodorants, refill pouches, many initiatives show that the packaging manufacturers and brand owners are going towards more sustainability.


Key findings

Beauty Packaging Overview

Emerging countries continue to drive volume sales
Toiletries continue to generate the largest packaging volumes
Rigid plastic dominates beauty and personal care packaging
Premium beauty products on the rise
Four key trends driving beauty and personal care

Change of Habits in Developing Markets

China’s bathing habits evolve from bar soap to shower gel
HDPE in shampoos on the rise in developing countries
Baby boom in China to benefit HDPE bottles
Growing skin care demand in Indonesia offers strong prospects…
…for the portability and ease of dispensing provided by tubes

Convenience of Use

S maller size and functional packaging respond to portability trend
Bottles are pumping it up
Time as currency; how aerosols save time for the consumer
A need to experience more: o ffering more than packaging

Value for Money

Single-use shampoos for affordability in India and Indonesia
Making premium fragrances more affordable
Stand-up pouches, a cheaper alternative to HDPE bottles
Western Europe towards larger sizes for shampoo bottles
Economical family sizes in toothpaste
Different paths towards value for money

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Refill pouches: Economically- and ecologically-friendly
Compressed deodorants: The new format for deodorant sprays
Recycled packaging, sustainable materials and other initiatives


Focus on affordability, functionality and sustainability

Appendix: Industry Forecast Model

About Euromonitor International’s Industry Forecast Model
Soft drivers and the Industry Forecast Model
Growth decomposition explained
Significance and applications for growth decomposition
Key applications for Industry Forecast Models


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