9 Dairy Trends for 2019

January 2019

This report highlights the nine most influential trends shaping the dairy industry in 2019. Dairy is among the biggest industries that have seen the steepest rise in the M&A activity over 2019 and is ripe for innovation and disruption. This briefing showcases some of the latest innovations across the dairy space.

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High protein as part of everyday natural health

Ultra-filtered milk

Joyya ultra-filtered milk with 75% more protein, 25% less lactose, Canada

Less lactose = less sugar

The Complete Dairy high protein, milk, with 70% more protein and 25% less lactose, Australia

Protein with super fruits

Meggle Active Protein Cottage cheese with seeds and goji with 20g of protein per pack, Czech Republic

Protein shots

Arla debuts whey protein shot concept for athletes and gym goers, Denmark

The nine key trends in dairy
Dairy tops packaged food sales for another year in a row
Innovation in dairy needs to be mindful of regional differences
Investment in cheese will be critical for sales growth in Brazil and Japan
High protein as part of everyday natural health
Plant-based 2.0
Gut health: prominent high fibre claims debut in dairy
Dairy snacks: “grab and go dairy” spurring innovation
Mass customisation: targeted dairy for children
Mass customisation: building brand loyalty beyond children
Sustainability: from organic to animal welfare and farmers' wellbeing
Indulgence meets health: dairy desserts re-visited
Allergy free: evolution towards non-cow animal milk
Alternative business models disrupt in dairy
2019: from milk substitutes to dough substitutes


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