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Better understand your client's industries and successfully connect their brands to target customers. 

Become an expert on your client's industries and consumers 

Get up-to-speed quickly and demonstrate an understanding of your client's company and brands with top-level industry overviews and category reports. 

Add credibility to presentations and build trust. Introduce new ideas based on competitor strengths and weaknesses, successful brand and marketing strategies and emerging industry and consumer trends. 

Benchmark performance against best in class  

How big is a company’s market and brand share? Which categories and markets are performing well? How are competitors positioning their products? ​

Benchmark company performance to identify where growth will come from and companies presenting the biggest commercial threats. Track and anticipate changes in the competitive landscape by evaluating strategies making leading companies successful. 

Harness local insight to uncover opportunities

Create campaigns based on local preferences using insights from our global network of in-country analysts. Use our knowledge of the local market and analysis of lifestyles, incomes and consumer attitudes to identify the next big opportunity. 

Leverage expert knowledge using our research to develop deeper, longer term relationships with clients and create strategies to improve market position and deliver a strong return on investment. 

Euromonitor International has provided my team with a wealth of rich consumer trends, industry insights and company SWOTs that have helped design effective communication strategies and solutions for our clients.

Account Director, Hakuhodo, Singapore

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Easily identify the size of the market and the leading categories, brands and channels in developed and emerging markets. 

Our clients include full-service agencies as well as companies involved in media planning and buying, digital marketing, brand strategy, retail strategy, marketing and public relations.

Our research supports all stages of a client-agency relationship, from winning the initial business pitch to developing successful campaigns and fostering deeper relationships with clients. 

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