Alcoholic Drinks in Ahmedabad

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Mar 2018

Ahmedabad continues to be a dry state since the passing of the Gujarat prohibition act, 1949. There is a complete ban on alcohol purchase and consumption for locals. In an effort to boost tourism in the city, the state government relaxed the ban on alcohol for tourists. Given the stringent oversight by the state, only limited distribution channels were available for tourists to purchase alcohol. Liquor stores attached to hotels is the only mode of purchasing alcohol in the city.

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Alcoholic Drinks in Ahmedabad

Our Alcoholic Drinks City level reports highlights the most recent trends and developments in Ahmedabad, and contrast these with India as a whole. 

This major new report series refines our data and analysis further to city level trends, helping you examine  business opportunities and challenges that exist for these industries at a city market level.

City Profile: fast-growing, embracing new industries
Consumer Profile: traditional, simple and evolving
Key findings
Regulation of alcohol more stringent for locals, not tourists
Unfavourable regulations adversely impact sales of alcohol
Limited distribution channels for alcohol
Increasing number of liquor licences to hotels
Ahmedabad is home to the most expensive and high-priced alcohol
Increasing presence of alcohol alternatives in the city
Coolberg Beverages Pvt Ltd
President Hotel
Key takeaways