Alcoholic Drinks in Hyderabad

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Mar 2018

Hyderabad is known for its significant consumption of hard liquor. Drinks such as whiskey and scotch which were once thought to be old fashioned drinks, have found new audience in the form of youngsters who are open to experimenting. There is an increasing demand for beer and craft beer in particular. A number of new bars, breweries and pubs have been opened in Hyderabad. The state government is supportive of the pub culture in the city.

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Alcoholic Drinks in Hyderabad

Our Alcoholic Drinks City level reports highlights the most recent trends and developments in Chengdu, and contrast these with India as a whole. 

This major new report series refines our data and analysis further to city level trends, helping you examine  business opportunities and challenges that exist for these industries at a city market level.

Hyderabad: overview
Consumer Profile: young, evolving and experimenting
Key findings
Whiskey is most demanded alcoholic drink in city
Toddy still sees takers despite competition from cheap liquor
Beer continues to become popular in the city
Concept of craft beer catching up, and the rise of microbreweries
New bars, pubs and experiential drinking places mushrooming
Modern retailing adds to experiential shopping
Vibrant liquor policies and government initiatives in store
Hyderabad evolving into a celebrated nightlife destination
HyLife brewing company
Tonique, the liquor mall
Lionsgate breweries private limited

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Key takeaways