Alcoholic Drinks in Kolkata

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Jul 2017

Kolkata, also known as the City of Joy, is located in the eastern part of India in the state of West Bengal. The language, culture, food and overall lifestyle are unique of the city. The preference for drinking at home and hard liquor continued to be strong in the city. With the growing millennial population, and acceptance of consuming alcohol amongst consumers, Kolkata holds true potential for the growth of alcoholic drinks consumption.

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Alcoholic Drinks in Kolkata

Our Alcoholic Drinks City level reports highlights the most recent trends and developments in Kolkata, and contrasts these with India as a whole. 

This major new report series refines our data and analysis further to city level trends, helping you examine  business opportunities and challenges that exist for these industries at a city market level.

Kolkata: Overview
Consumer profile: Traditional, low per capita income, high preference for drinking at home
Key findings
Kolkata prefers rum over other alcoholic drinks
Beer and whisky are close behind rum in preference
Retail distribution is dominated by government-run shops
Gender differentiation in purchasing alcohol from retail outlets continues
Seasonal drinking is a big consumption driver
October onwards marks the celebratory months in the city
At-home drinking is more common than going to bars/pubs
Drinking at home is also considered more fun in the city
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