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Appliances and Electronics

What are the current and future drivers of consumer behaviour?

Identify new growth opportunities 

Access up-to-date GDP data to better assess consumer demand for big-ticket electronics, appliances and games items. 

Use forecasts for key economic indicators to create and update market performance scenarios and build market entry strategies. 

Understand where income growth is strongest or saving ratios are highest in order to target growth plans around the right opportunities. 

Take advantage of emerging trends 

Understanding economic, social and cultural trends allows home and technology focused companies to develop new products. 

Examine trends and behaviour in and around the home, consumer lifestyles, income distribution, social and demographic trends to give you a better understanding of consumers' preferences. 

Become an expert in your target markets ​

Understand the number and size of homes that you target, opportunities and threats to see the biggest factors affecting consumer-buying habits for the home. 

Assess competitor shares and how companies are positioning their brands and their major distribution channels. 


Euromonitor International's Passport database helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities with insights on industries, companies, economies and consumers worldwide.

Size the market, analyse distribution channels, compare brand and company shares, identify emerging trends to understand demand drivers and assess the competitive landscape.

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