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2020 Global Consumer Types: Who Is the Inspired Adventurer?

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Best ways to target Inspired Adventurer

• Promotion of products that enhance personal health, well-being and self-care
• Clear promotion of low cost, discounts and value for money
• Convenient services to facilitate quick purchases
• Prioritising products and services which allow them to better themselves — including career, personal health, global issues and personal relationships

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Inspired Adventurer

Inspired Adventurers tend to be extremely future-focused. The impact of COVID-19 might make them more cautious when thinking about their future, resulting in them spending less money in the short-term and investing more in future savings to ensure a stable future. They are also likely to take this time to reflect on their future and re-evaluate any plans according to the current economic climate.

The amount of importance placed is likely to stay the same or increase. As preventative healthcare measures become more common, it is likely that Inspired Adventurers will be early adopters of any innovations in this space.

Why segment consumers by type?

Grouping consumers solely by demographics when looking at their buying behaviour and purchase decision-making can give a skewed view of their daily habits and long-term lifestyle choices. Instead, Euromonitor International’s annual Consumer Types analysis looks beyond standard demographics and profiles distinct personality-driven consumer types at both the global and country level.

Changes in attitudes and habits can be tracked through our Consumer Types Series year-on-year, giving valuable insight into what consumers want and need, even distinguishing among those in the same demographic group.

To find out more on our 2020 global Consumer Types, download our free white paper here.

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