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How Canada’s Digital Consumers Will Shop and Spend

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Key takeaways

  • E-commerce is highly accessible to Canadian consumers
  • Digital consumers in Canada seek convenience, information, and free shipping
  • Canadian consumers already use the internet extensively, both for shopping and shopping-adjacent activities


Canada’s digital landscape

Canada is a leader with regards to digital connectivity, both in home and mobile internet access.

  • 91% of Canada’s population uses the internet as of 2017
  • 88% share of mobile subscriptions with internet access
  • 95% of the population was covered by at least a 3G mobile network in 2017

56% of Canadian Digital Consumers are between the ages of 20 and 34 – a cohort that grew up with the internet, and drives digital activity globally. However, more than one in three digital consumers in Canada has an annual income of less than US$43,000. This reflects and speaks the wide variety of goods and services available through Canada’s digital channels, offering something for everyone, from fresh food to luxury watches.


Mobile phones most used to consume content in Canada

Despite high levels of activity on computers, Canadian digital consumers show even greater amounts of engagement and interaction via their mobile devices, with the majority of respondents indicating that they do numerous activities on their mobile devices practically every day.


Purchases most influenced by recommendations and loyalty

With an ever growing number of channels for brands and companies to reach consumers, Canadian consumers are more exposed to advertising – both digital and traditional – than ever before.

Despite widespread access to digital devices and internet in Canada, however, even digital consumers in Canada report being highly influenced by traditional forms of marketing, including TV commercials, outdoor advertising, and direct mail advertising.

In fact, the marketing channel that digital consumers identify as most influential in their purchasing decisions continues to be recommendations from friends and family.


Convenience, avoiding shipping attract digital consumers

Above all, Canadians are looking to find convenience and avoid extra fees in their shopping experiences. Considering motivators for shopping both online and in stores, factors such as location, the ability to save time, and avoiding any hassles rank highly for Canadian digital consumers.

Shipping fees, and the ability to avoid them, is a major motivator of Canadian digital consumers. Shoppers will pay shipping fees for a unique product on occasion, but brands hoping to develop widespread e-commerce sales should consider ways to introduce free or discounted shipping and returns.


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